Newest banana leaf


Thanks for the updates Matt! I remember you from the other site when you were just getting into growing bananas lol; really impressive to see you’ve managed to keep everything going so nicely over the years especially in your climate. Keep up the good work.


Thanks, yeah I do remember you!


For those not on, the leaf is out! Got a near full shot of this monster!


New leaf has come out. The last leaf was 48in this new leaf 45in :slight_smile:


June 1
Sad weather we had back in early May so the Manzano lost the rest of it’s leaves. Now they’re growing back


Update July 13-picking up growth


I admire your perseverance in trying to grow bananas up in Canada…


smaller leaves now & a second pup popped up




So that leaf above was the pre flag, the flower is small which I expected. It’s about to drop any day now.




We are still having great weather!