Noob gardener from NJ

Hello folks,

Just joined the forum, seeking some advice from experienced gardeners. I am based in NJ on the border of zone 7 and 6b. Last year I tried my hands at growing strawberries and blue berries with some success so this year I want to expand and start planting fruit trees.

What would you guys recommend for new gardeners to try ? I want to minimize the weekly/monthly maintenance work.

Ideally I would like to grow cherries (thinking lapins), pomegranates (thinking Russian variety for zone 6 and below) , pears and nectarines. But from what I read on the forum so far, cherries require constant spraying and pomegranates don’t grow as well in NJ due to harsh winters.

Also, what’s the best online nursery to order fruit trees from .

Any advice/ guidance is highly appreciated.


Welcome to the forum. How much space are you working with? In NJ your spraying just about everything. The only things I can say have not needed any sort of sprays are Goumi, Medler bush cherry’s, blue berries and strawberries.

Spraying, pest management (birds, squirrels, etc) and pruning + thinning are going to be your major tasks so keep those in mind when selecting types of fruit to grow and variety selection.

You can likely get away with just 3 cover sprays and 1 dormant spray if you get the timing right.

I have anywhere from 3000-5000 sq ft to play with but I want to go slow and restrict myself to 500-1000 sq ft.

There are accounts of jujube and persimmon having minimal pest/disease pressure. You can check into those as well.

For nurseries, check below. Now (May) is late time to order bare root. In the fall you will have more options.

I know I have to do pest management and pruning. I want to minimize spray management but it is what it is. What fruit trees require minimal spraying ?


I think you should try persimmons (American, Asian, and or hybrids), figs, raspberries, and blackberries. Those are all pretty easy and should do well in your climate with minimal spray. Pears should also work well along with blueberries. Blueberries grow wild in some parts, and I see them popping out of sidewalk cracks in parts of the pine barrens.

Mulberries how can we forget mulberries.