Northwest Cider Supply Rootstock/Scion wood Clearance

I thought there might be interest in this announcement that I received from Northwest Cider Supply so I am passing it along. The announcement follows:

If you are in need of a few extra rootstock, some last minute scion wood, or
would like some stock to plant out for summer grafting, now is the time.
Sale ends May 8th.

40% off all remaining rootstock, in any quantity (minimum order 5).

50% off all remaining scion wood.

Remember, our rootstock prices include all certification and royalty fees,
the price you see is the price you pay!

Wishing you a great growing season,
Northwest Cider Supply


Thanks for sharing this. I ordered 30 more rootstocks, and was very happy to be able to try a few in smallish quantities. I am trying the G41 and the M9 and got a few more M111.
Now I’m already looking forward to next year. :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks for the tip
More apples coming soon.
Calville Blanc D Hiver Scionwood
Golden Russett Scionwood
MM 111
Pitmaston Pine Scionwood
Pomme Gris Scionwood
St. Edmunds Russett Scionwood

Have you ever ordered from there Vohd? Anybody? Prices look great.

Just before this post I put in an order through them. I am almost out of Doc Farewells and few places seem to have it anymore. I will know in a few days if they produce the goods but they have a nice selection.

I’ve ordered G.935 rootstock, a tree, and grafting supplies from them. The rootstock was fine, the tree was a 1-year whip that was a little small, but healthy. The tree and rootstock were well-packed and shipped. The grafting supplies were all as expected. I found Sam to be knowledgeable about tree growth habit of cider apple varieties and rootstock performance, at least in PNW conditions.

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I ordered last year trees are small, but with very, very good roots. They lost one of my trees but gave me the choice of 2 as substitute.

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I ordered some 111 rootstock and Sweet 16 scions. Will update when I receive them here in Ohio. I’ve tried a few places for rootstock this year and there are some differences!

I had a small problem with Burnt Ridge not being able to ship Bud 9 and M111 so I ordered M111 and a G935 from them this morning at about 9. 4 hours later I got an email that my order shipped already, can’t beat that!


I ordered scions from them two years ago and they were excellent. I’ve not seen any better.


I ordered my scionwood from them April 22nd and received it April 27th. Already grafted some of it yesterday. It’s a good quality wood, 5 or 6 sticks of each variety, and each stick is about 12" long. The wood diameter is from 1/4" to 3/8" (some people might consider this too thin, but it’s perfectly fine for cleft grafts that I do). I only wish they would not put a very wet piece of paper towel into the Ziploc bag, this thing was already starting to get moldy when I opened the bag.

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Received my order from them yesterday here in Ohio. Left there Monday and got here Thursday. Scion was nice and in good shape, rootstock was very good with lots for roots for the most part, there were a few that was spars. I am happy with my order and hope to see some Sweet 16s soon. Did two different grafts as the size difference required it. I would buy again!

I was very pleased with their service.
The material arrived within a few days of ordering and the quality is excellent.

Here is what my order looked like:


too lazy to photo, but I agree, their rootstocks looked very nice. Better roots than on most of the stuff I’ve gotten elsewhere, and when clearance, almost stupidly cheap…

My first order was as nice. I am expecting another order to arrive today. Getting late and I hope I can get these grafted and growing.

Yes those roots are awesome! My Doc Farewells showed up from them, all they need to do now is respond to my email about where the markers I also ordered went.

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Received root stock today and scion. All looks good.

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That’s fantastic looking stuff…and as another poster said “stupidly cheap”. They’re gonna make some nice trees.
Makes you wonder how they could possibly make any profit of any kind.

FYI They are on sale again this year.


Thanks for posting this, I will prob. buy more rootstock. But $15 for a 12 inch stick of scion wood?? I know that some are rare.