Novelty pears?

Apples have red-fleshed varieties and the ghost apple. What sort of novelty pears are out there that will make people think “hey, that’s cool”?

Red flesh pears such as Verbelu and Blutbirne come to mind. Forelle has a really pretty skin. That’s a start!


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Ginnybrook is certainly a novelty but it intrigues me. It looks like something infected with stonypit so I could never bring myself to buy it. It’s a very large pear do the deformities could be from stretching like occurs with Duchess.

Theres the Bergamottes, tiny round pears. The Muscats, tiny pyriform pears. These are all really old types which generally got pushed aside by bigger ones over the years. Josephine des Malines has a rose petal flavor although it looks like a standard pear.


How do you rate Josephine des Malines in terms of flavor?

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I’m just repeating the description there. It has proved to be very slow in bearing for me, partly due to the bad spot I have it in. 15 years and not a single pear! I don’t think there are any flower buds on it this year, either.

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I had heard similar stories @scottfsmith so it may be a good candidate for ohxf333 or the new pyro rootstocks I’m trialing.

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Mine is on OH513. It has proved worse than seedling pear stocks for me, in terms of slowness to bear. I don’t see 513 around much anymore, maybe that is why.

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Here is a discussion about an interesting looking one.


That’s a really cool looking pear. I would absolutely graft a stick of it somewhere if I had the chance.

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