'Obsidian' Blackberry Source?


If someone is aware of a source for ‘Obsidian’ plants (other than in commercial quantities), I’d appreciate any leads. Thanks.


@Vohd. I’ve looked at getting it a couple of times myself. I’ve seen it at rollin river nursery, try there.


How many are wanted.and when?I can propagate some.bb


Thanks, @fullplate; I have had my email address with it to be notified when it is in stock for a year without success, unfortunately.


Thanks for the generous offer, Brady. I’m only looking for one plant and am just generally looking to replace a poorly-performing variety with it this season, if possible. If a commercial source does not turn up, I may take you up on it. Thanks, again.


Here in prime blackberry country, Obsidian was a finicky grower for me and extremely spiny. Fruit was fairly good quality. Early-Mid season.


Thanks for the information, Larry. Is there a variety in the same season that you think is better quality?


I have Obsidian in my greenhouse. I love it. The harvest season is long and starts early. Berries are a nice size. It’s survived despite the thorns while many others have been discarded including Marion berry.


I’m curious, Steven, if you grow PrimeArk Freedom and, if so, how you would compare the floricane crop to ‘Obsidian’ for the early season.

Did Obsidian supplant Marion because its season extends through that of Marion for you? My understanding is that Obsidian’s flavor is below, but relatively close to, that of Marion’s, but its yield is substantially higher. Has that been your experience?


I don’t grow Freedom. I’ve tried a number of the western trailing types but don’t claim any real expertise.

Blackberries for me are mainly just a snack food. Eat a few each day as I observe the plants in my greenhouse. One small plant of Obsidian fills that bill. The fruit isn’t superb but it’s good, about as good as any were.

My biggest plants were Columbia Star and Giant. I got enough to freeze off those because being thornless it was easier to allow the plants to get big. I just like the fruit better off Obsidian and the season seems much longer for grazing.

I do like the fruit frozen. It’s a nice winter treat.


Black Diamond is a tidy plant with compact clusters, nearly thornless. It has had commercial success out here also.