Off season persimmon blossoms?

Many of my young potted trees are putting on a large second flush complete with new blossoms.
The varieties are Prok, Morris Burton, Maru, Zenji Maru, and Chuchupaka – so a good mix of Virginiana, Kaki and hybrid. I’ve never seen this before.
Its only on the potted trees so I wonder if somehow the trees think it is spring again.
Is this a common occurrence? I haven’t seen it before on any of my trees.

I had this happen last year and also this year. Ones I saw that did were Picudo, Miss Kim, and Nishimura Wase.

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Trees can get confused.

I planted a nursery apple tree in 2019, foolishly let it carry a crop of about 12 apples. 2020 it was completely stunted, 0 growth, so few leaves I thought I was going to die.

This year in the spring it put out leaves but it is still stunted, no flowers. Lo and behold a few days ago it decided to finally flower out. Mind you here we are about month an a half from the first overnight frost so I don’t think that was the smart thing to do.

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My June bearing straw berry started blooming again. I have a blueberry bush that blooms in late September.

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