Old Fashion Winesap

Anybody have more information on Old Fashion Winesap?

Lee Calhoon mentions it in his book “Old Southern Apples”

David Vernon at Century Farm Orchards sells the trees which is where I got my trees.

My OFW are very different from my Virginia Winesap - which is a small, weak tree with small apples in my area.

I saw lots of Winesaps growing in orchards in central Va last week, but none of the growers I spoke with were familiar with the term “Old Fashion Winesap”

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I think that is a synonym for (the old, original) Winesap, to keep it apart from Stayman Winesap, Turley Winesap, etc. I don’t have Lee’s book handy so cannot check with his nomenclature.

Thanks Scott.

My Va Winesap apples are very small and so are the trees, so I would not recommend them.

I found a lot of references to Winesap apples in books that predate the introduction of the Va. Winesap variety.

I believe part of the confusion is the fact that Winesaps were a very popular apple in central Virginia area so sometimes they were refered to as Virginia Winesaps before the actual sport from Troutville, VA named “Virginia Winesap” was introduced.

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I can only envy you lucky growers with such a long growing season. When I was just out of college, a few of the very old orchards I worked at had winesap apples.
The owners would sigh when telling me what they were. The reason was they only fully ripened in the shorter growing season we have in SE WI about 2 out of 5 years.

Not sure if they were plain winesap, stayman or whatever strain but it still brings tears to my eyes recalling how delicious they were when we had a long frost free growing season. Nobody around my area plants them anymore because of this.
Wish our local supermarkets at least offered them but I have not seen them for sale in about 10 years. Does nobody grow them much commercially anymore?
Or does nobody ship them into Wisconsin for sale to supermarkets? I often wonder why they no longer seem available.

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Did this tree fruit for you yet? Thinking of adding it. Have Stayman right now and just trying to compare the two. Thanks