One random purple flowered pea plant


In my 15’ row of ‘Wando’ peas, one plant has purple/lavender flowers, instead of the typical white. Ever see this?


I have seen it…but haven’t grown peas in nearly 20 years…so haven’t seen it lately.
You could try saving seeds?


We learned about these recessive genes in pea plants in biology years ago. The mendel study of peas like yours was something that inspired me to breed many plants


Lots of new purple-flowered and even purple-podded peas being offered lately (this is sugar magnolia from Adaptive Seeds). Yours could be the next best thing.


For veggies, I really don’t care how they look. My highest priority is how they taste. So are these purple pods peas tasted better than the green ones?


I agree, I think way too many people eat with their eyes. I guess crazy colored vegetables have more anthocyanins and other healthy plant chemicals, but if a vegetable (or fruit) doesn’t taste good, I don’t want to grow it. I’ve never tried this purple pea, but it was bred by Alan Kapuler, who has created some really good varieties during his long career.


So much anymore i see food sellers focused on quantity and not quality. This is why i care so much about the genetic anomalies is they are likely the key to our health in the future. We are one genetic mutation away from a plant that has the cure for cancer or some other terrible illness. I bought clove currents for the purpose of finding the recessive genes of golden clove currents and sure enough as expected there they were yellow fruited clove currents. It might not seem like an accomplishment but i consider it practice for something that really will matter Clove currants - great smelling blooms & delicious fruit!
Is Crandall Clove Currant self-fertile?


I grew purple green beans in the 1960’s. Have grown red and purple many things.
Besides being pretty, we now know they have more anti-oxidants and nutrients.

Red Fleshed apples are my current “purple” thing.


Don’t know yet. I’ll know in about a week.


Hi Clark,

I’m growing a Crandall Clove Currant. It is self-fertile and, as you say, has lovely fragrant flowers and yummy tart/sweet fruit. All the fruit on mine change from ruby red to black as they ripen. I haven’t seen any yellow ones. Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:


Sometimes off type veggie seed is a F1 hybrid, sometimes it is a recessive gene, and sometimes the seed producer didn’t clean out the equipment well enough between varieties.

An F1 will show lots of variation in the next generation. A recessive gene should produce an otherwise identical plant, except for the trait controlled by that gene, and it should breed true when self pollinated. And a different variety will have more than one different trait and should also breed true.