Orange apple blossom petals

So this is something I have not seen before, but on a couple of my apple trees the flower petals have turned orange. They were the usual white-pink at blossom time, but on these few trees the blossoms are hanging around, drying, and have turned an orange color. The fruit itself seems normal and is growing (almost marble sized now).

So I am wondering what, if anything, this may mean. It does not look like blossom blight where the whole flower turns brown. No other signs yet of disease or anything. But I thought I would ask. This has been a bad year for fire blight and if this is one form that an infection can take I’d like to stop it early…

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Some pictures would be helpful to see.

Good point. Here’s a shot (sorry not quite in perfect focus). As you can hopefully see, the fruit seem to be fine and are sizing up. The petals have dried some and turned this orange color, and not fallen off the fruit on about 1/2 of the tree. Thoughts?