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I put in an order for a Plum tree from The Arboreum Company in October and paid by check and recently decided to add another.I tried to contact them via email about this a couple weeks ago,but have not heard back.
Here is my question.Is shipping the same cost as with one or two trees?Should I send them another check for the price of another tree and ask them to put them in one box? Thanks,Brady

It all depends on when you asked them to ship the second tree. They’ll get back to you with an update. If you requested spring shipping they’ll put both trees in one box.

I ordered two trees which they charged me $50. for shipping and handling then later added a third tree later, and they charged me $10. extra. Don’t know about ordering one then adding another one.

I ran into exactly the same situation. I ordered 4 trees back in October, then a few days later, they added more Euro plums to their listing and I emailed them to add 2 more trees (including Middleburg). When they didn’t respond for about a month, I just placed another order for the two trees (didn’t want them to go out of stock while waiting).

Then, I used the site to see what a 6 tree order would cost in terms of shipping and used that to calculate how much to pay (add the trees to a new order, just don’t place it). It turned out that going from 4 to 6 didn’t add any shipping (still $48), though going higher (~8 or so I think) would have led to an increase. I haven’t heard anything from them though, so I’m not sure how this will work out.

Okay,thanks for your replies.I did it like Bob tried and the shipping price didn’t change between one or two trees,so I hope it works out.
Thanks Mrs.G,I didn’t know we could request Spring shipping.
Lance,was that $50 for S&H only?It looks like the cost for the two of mine will be $24. Brady

I went back and checked my paper printouts for the order and the shipping for me was a little worse then I first posted. The shipping for me is $56. even if I go back and order just one tree it still quotes me at $56. for fedex ground. I don’t know how Bob got away so cheap(If you can call it that!), maybe because he is at the western part of our state or they are giving him a break for not sending him the Hesse plumcot this past spring. lol

Send another email and ask them again. If it is the real cost they will tell you.

Wow- you’ve really been following my posts closely to remember that I didn’t get a Hesse from them last year. Until I was placing my order, I barely recalled it myself. And yes, that is one of the 6 trees in my order this year. Aside from that and one apricot, the rest are Euro plums.

No, I don’t think it is based on the geography. I just spent a few minutes playing around with theoretical orders on the site and it seems that certain zips come up at $56, while the town next door is $24 (for a 2 tree order).

For example, in addition to your zip, Stamford also comes up at $56, and I’m located in between there and you. But reducing it to $24 isn’t something they did just for me, as other area towns of Greenwich and Norwalk show $24 too.


Thanks for the tip, I tried my bro’s address north of me and one of my sis’s addresses south of me and they both puked out the same amt. for shipping. :cry:


We’re all cyber-stalking you. You’re a celebrity now. Get paranoid. :smile:



I wondered about my order a couple of years ago. I had expected it January. Three emails went unanswered. And a box showed up towards the end of Feb. containing emaciated plants shipped without notice only five days before. I concluded non-California customers were low priority (despite my being one of the first customers to order that year), the box was missing one of the trees I had ordered and knew I had purchased because I got my order in so early, and mailed the check that same day … I concluded it was either government run or they had misplaced my order and it had withered, as well as someone looting the cultivar that was missing. Needless to say I will never order nor recommend them again.

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Fascist, Your molecular biologist is showing. They are a great company. How do you know you were the first customer of whatever year ? I live in RI and they have treated me very well, every year that I have ordered from them and that is every year for the past six years. Mistakes happen. Did this happen only once to you or more than once? If only once consider it a mistake and hopefully they sent you the ‘other’ tree and made good on the emaciated plants. I have never received anything but excellent trees from Arboreum. I am sorry for your experience, it it is rare.

Did anybody receive their 2016 order from Arboreum? I e-mailed them about 10 days ago asking whether they received my check and when I can expect the trees, and I did not hear anything back. I really dislike my customer experience with them. Probably this will be my first and last time buying from this company.

I’m disappointed in them as well. They still haven’t cashed my check or responded to two follow-up emails from September.

Same situation so far. Brady

  1. I placed my order the second day they went online for that season.

  2. If you look on their email back to you confirming the order the order number refers to the number of people in front of you. In my case I was the 57th customer that season. I literally sent them the check in under 24 hours. So yes, piss poor service up front and in trying to contact them. I would never order from them again nor recommend them. Pity because they have a lot of interesting historical cultivars that can use some preserving.

  3. I am not sure how my molecular biology is showing.

Has Arboreum cashed anyone’s check yet? …if you payed by check? Just asking because I’m still unsure if they’ll be sending me my order and I’d like to start mapping out this year’s plantings.

Not yet. Brady

They didn’t cash mine. Didn’t answer my e-mail either (it has been almost a month).

weird business

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