Ordering from RarePalmSeeds.com

Rarepalmseeds.com is a vendor out of Germany. There website appears to live up to its name. They do ship to the US for around $12 s/h. The problem is they sell 10 seeds of the item I want for $4.74 and 1000 seeds of the same item for $5.64. The first tier is small packets and the second tier is wholesale orders. To place a whole sale order you have to at least $112. I put everything I want in my cart and it only came to $61.

So I am asking members if you want to combine an order to get the wholesale prices let me know.

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Iā€™d be in for some of these:


Just 10 of each though, maybe 2 packets of 10 each (20 seeds). The wholesale quantities are overkill for me.

here is my shopping car so far. with the annoying reminder that I need $109.10 worth of product to ship wholesale.
Aframomum BTW is a family of Ginger closely related to Cardamom whos seeds are peppery and delicious knows as alligator pepper or grains of paradise depending on subspecies. The fruit of some of the species are also reported to be delicious. I dont need 400 seeds, Lol Anyone wanting a few I will be letting them go at cost.

Anyone down $13 shipping for $5 or $109 worth of seeds. Here is your chance to order from the EU and save on shipping.