Organza bags effectiveness

Hi all. 1) Are organza bags effective for protecting pears from squirrels and birds? 2) what size of organza bags do you recommend and where do you buy them? Seems like the 5x7" are too small for pears.

This thread about bagging is long but has a lot of good info about bagging.

Re- evaluating bagging fruit.

Short answer, no bag can stop squirrels.

Birds, probably dark color or paper bags so they won’t see the fruit inside.


I’ve had good luck with them. A Scott innovation as I recall. Minimal squirrel pressure here. (Thank-you coyotes.)

I’ve had a couple that the crows (Mother Nature’s juvenile delinquents) pecked through, evidently just to let me know that they weren’t fooled.

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If a soft, ripe fruit presses up against the bag, bees and June beetles will get to the fruit. It does help deter them, but it isn’t perfect.

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@tubig I am in central MA and have high pest pressure.

This was by squirrel 2 days ago. One several organza bags. I put the organza bags on my pears to differentiate one variety fron another on this multi grafted tree. It is NOT to protect against squirrels because I know these bags can’t.

Some pears I like more so I use a better quality nylon bags. That does not stop squirrels from trying. This was this morning.

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