Organza bags effectiveness

nothing has bothered my figs yet but I’m probably going to bag the purple ones that are turning, this week. I’ll try to get photos of how I do. I have no plums this year to show what I’m doing with those, my tree barely bloomed.

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@tubig … harvested today… from the ones i bagged earlier. Need to bag more… the birds are wearing out the clusters that are not bagged.

Bagging is a pain… but will get you some nice ripe un-mutulated blueberries.


@TNHunter what color are the berries when it’s necessary to bag them or do you go by size?

@tubig … birds here start hitting them when they show ripe color… when the whole berry cluster is green no problem… but when some start showing blue they start eating them.

It would be good here to bag a cluster as soon as some show blue.

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Thanks for the review! My yard is very small and I intend on keeping my trees as small as possible, so I’ll probably invest in a tree-bag and see how it does. How soon did you put the bag on after fruit set?


Looking back at my records (pictures I took)…it looks like I did it right after I thinned the fruitlets, which was late May. They were smaller than a quarter at that time. That also coincided with the cicada emergence in my area.