Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


I have a Wellington Mulberry that probably gets about 5 hours direct sunlight during the growing season and does fine.My Pakistan may get about 7. Brady



Oh, i forgot to mention that those hours where “measured” during autumn, not spring or summer time.

There should be more sun at this location during that time.

If the tree then reaches +3m it will get sun from 08:00 to 16:00 (Summer, Spring)

Iam from the “Industrieviertel”; Wiener Neustadt area.


that sounds good, am confident it will be a satisfactory spot for a pak



I wont plant it the first year.

Just want to have it inside the Pot so that it gets more mature until i plant it.

What is the best way to propagate the Pakistan Mulberry?

Rooting Cuttings or Grafting ?!

Would like to do that in order to have some “reserve” Pakistan Mulberry plants.

Off Topic:

Do you think i can grow some Non Astringent Persimmons?

I heard about some in Steiermark who grow Astringent Persimmons and they do fine there (same Climate as ours)

Non Astringent Persimmons would be really awesome.


paks have seen are generally sold grafted, but may have seen them being grown on their own roots. Have never tried airlayers on paks so not really sure.

they take to grafting easily though, especially in areas with mild summers, and will easily graft onto albas
you may refer to this superb thread for ‘hard-core’ info

almost certain you could grow non-astringent simmons in your area. Perhaps more resilient to cold weather than paks. It is worth delving into if you want a low maintenance fruit tree.


Thanks, gonna read all of that!

I wont be able to plant more than those trees that are still waiting to be planted!

Sometimes its just too much.

Thats why i hope that we get the neighbours property “soon” so that i can grow more (Persimmons, PawPaws)

About the persimmons:

Iam currently looking at these PCNA Persimmons now:

Matsumoto Wase Fuyu
Maekawa Jiro

I Dont find much information about them but they seem to be the earliest ripening ones.
This is really important for our area … we get the first light “frosts” at the end of October / beginning of November.

This video is good, it shows many great varieties!

I also find these PVNA Persimmons very interesting because of the color and the described taste:

Nishimura Wase

Sadly, i cant find anyone who sells these 2 types in europe.


Nishimura wase is available in Bulgaria (Plovdiv) but it’s very hard to deal with them (not answering to emails etc.)

Schreiber Obst & Baum has also couple of the more common persimmons. Cioccolatino might not be a bad option for you, and it’s in your country


Wow, thank you.

Didnt know that website.

I will try to contact them next year.

Now i have to decide which i should pick for the future property…

Izu and Matsumoto Wase Fuyu or Nishimura Wase and Chocolate

Best case scenario would be all of them, but i want to specialize on PawPaws.



I think Cioccolatino is an other variety and not the same as Chocolate.

Well, the fruits have a different shape.


This is the place where i will plant the IE, Lavendel, Che Seedless, Che Male, H118 and H120.

Northfacing Picture:

Southfacing Picture:

I just have to scatter plant them … a row is not possible within the property boundary, it gets narrow towards the end.


where’s fraulein maria?


Just received my 6 plants a couple hours ago and potted them.

back l. to r. : Pakistan, Lavendel, Geraldi
front l. to r: : Illinois Everbearing, Che Male, Che Seedless

The Two Che´s are larger than i expected them to be ^^

Now it will be a long wait until spring!


I grafted pakastan mulberry on a large wild mulberry tree last spring here in zone 6B. I cut several nice pieces of scion wood today and put them in the fridge. We are supposed to have low temperatures later this week around 13 F so I was concerned it would die back. I have a couple of small mulberry seedlings picked out for grafting next spring. They are small enough to be dug and potted next fall. It will be interesting seeing how the pakastan handles this cold. It lost its leaves about three weeks ago and seems dormant.


I dug up and potted a 5 feet bark grafted Pakistan mulberry for insurance also.



I will try to propagate the Pakistan Mulberry next year.

Gonna graft it on a Lavender Mulberry cutting.

Also … next year is property search year :sweat:

Hope i can find one with ~1000 sqm. (~18 PawPaws, 4 American Persimmons, 4 Hybrid Persimmons, 4 Japanese Persimmons and 4 Jujube trees are my goal)

I would plant these varieties:

Plantation Project.docx (12.6 KB)


quite curious, how much does a juju tree cost in austria? just saw your awesome list and curious about the variety ‘halina’. It sounds turkish to me!

just researched on ‘nitra’ and it seems to have been named after a slovak agricultural university


In Austria we only have 2 Jujube varieties that are sold, Li and Lang

Depending on the size it costs more or less.

It starts around 30€ for the smallest one.

A 160/180cm plant costs 79€

Thats why i would like to get them from the czech republic.

They have more varieties and they are WAY cheaper. (Of course smaller plants, but thats worth it)

Here is Halina:

And here is Nitra:

By then, i hope i can get most of the plants that i have on my list.


Halina is a Czech selection of Russian variety Konfetnyj (supposedly the best of 7 seedlings). The desciption says it’s bigger than the parent.

Nitra variety comes from Nitra city in Slovakia. It’s an old tree (at least 70 years) and it was brought by the tree owner’s grandfather from China. Nitra is quite popular in Czech and Slovakia


i see they are still quite pricey over there. Here it is a relatively less expensive, but still costs
much more than conventional fruits.

thanks for sharing. Really intriguing our correspondence here, and got to admit those varieties are alluring! We don’t have nitra or halina here in usa, though there might still be a chance they may already be here by other names. Univ of new mexico and alabama have been importing scores of other varieties which have yet to be released to the public.

it sure whetted my hoarding tendencies-- with a dash of burning desire, lol

would really love to see what those european-grown jujus look like. There’s this ‘monumental’ juju in portugal which they’ve estimated to be ~120 yrs old, but sadly no pictures.



Yeah they cost alot, but PawPaws are even more expensive here ^^

There are pictures of the old Nitra Jujube tree on this site:

Old but still beautiful!


it is!