Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


I read you can get about 220 pounds (100kg) off this tree.


yeah, i see plenty of ripe fruits–at least in those rungs unreachable to humans, lol

100 kgs is amazing for a 70 yr old fruit tree.


My thermometer read 8 degrees this morning, hope my pakastan was fully dormant!


that borders on the intense, if not already there…
here the coldest we’ve had was ~15 for a few hours, and no die-back/injuries, so really curious how it will fare at 8 or less.


Yes, it is an interesting experiment. This is unusual for such a cold snap this early but I have those pakastan scions put up snug in refrigerator for insurance. I really enjoyed watching it grow this summer, it made very large leaves.


hopefully the enjoyment don’t transform into remorse if it so happens it might be hardy in your region. Paks are at least as vigorous as IE’s, where am at. Of course the rapid growth may not pose problems to you since you have a sizeable acreage. I grew ours in tight spaces, assumed the tiny scrawny bare-root sticks shouldn’t cause any wayward growth in a place so dry and oppressive like ours lol!


Curious how my “Hardy Pakistan” will endure our winter next year.

I think i will use some sort of winter proetction for the first year.


quite certain your usa-based followers are curious too!


If it works ill collect and give some scions to a few people who would like it.

Maybe i can ship some scions to the US if someone wants? (Depends on the Shipment cost :airplane:)


nice of you to say that. And don’t be surprised if you’re PM inbox gets clogged, lol.

hurdle will be customs/quarantine/declarations for inbound specimens. There might be some horti-traffic police signed on here incognito(partly serious, partly joking)

btw, what are the lowest winter temps in your region?


Yeah lol.

Customs can be quite bothersome sometimes ^^

Lowest winter temperature @ our house in Südburgenland was -16°C

Our other neighbour who deceased 15 years ago once said that he never witnessed temperatures lower than -14°C or -16°C within 30 years.

We observed the same, the winters havent changed much over the years.

Here in Lower Austria it can be much more cooler with the temperatures between -20°C and -25°C (really rare)


I’m not sure what ~115 is.Eleven point five degrees Fahrenheit? Brady


i typed too fast, hahaha, was intending to type 15F. As you’re well aware, people who live here tend to type 3-digit temps…Thanks for pointing that out, just changed it :slight_smile:.


seems like you and @Derby42 have approximate lows(though not too sure). @Derby42’s might be more balmy and moist than your region, considering your altitude. Regardless, yours and Jason’s findings have ‘guaranteed entries’ in my mulberry diary.


Seems like i to have to adjust my list.

I contacted some nurseries who have the plants that i want:

Wrote a mail about ordering the “Chocolate” Persimmon

Got an automatic mail response but NO human response. (Still waiting for the mail, 2 weeks have passed)

They have “Coffecake” and “Chocolate”

Mailed them because i cant order on their website.

No response yet (Still waiting for the mail, 2 weeks have passed )



Hi all, first of all, sorry for my bad English.

I also try to grow some special mulberry varieties here in Slovakia. Heard about interesting pakistan mulberry with long fruits but wondering about the hardiness of this selection here in Europe. On som sites is hardiness to zone 9, on others zone 6, I am bit confused :-o Probably not so many experiences here. So Marvin, your hardiness trial will be usefull for encourage of other growers here in central Europe :slight_smile: Have you already planted muberry to ground or you keep it in pot? Next few days should be pretty cold here.

One question to all, is it easy propagate pakistan mulberry from hardwood cuttings? Or what is the best way to grow mulberry from?


Hey there!

I will plant it with the rest around the end of april or mid may (Depends on the weather)

Until then the plants will stay inside the pots.

Dithmar (Demoerbeiboom) told me that his Pakistan bud mutation should be winter hardy … but it still has problems with late spring frosts.

I will plant it near the southwall side were it should be protected.

Really curious if this one will like our climate.

I hope i can give you enough information this or next year!


I’m in zone 5b and plan to try some of these mulberries too. I wanted to say hello, my family originally comes from Slovakia, we have been here now over 100 years. At that time it was Czechoslovakia. I’m a 2nd generation American now.


I’ve pushed some cuttings deep into potting soil with no success yet. Brady


Has anybody tried air layering?