Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


Izu, Saijo and Coffeecake ( Nishimura Wase) they all early season persimmons do the best for my area. Cool, short summer Pacific Northwest US.



Izu is also available here.

I might consider that one. (Wouldnt mind the seeds when pollinated by the other dark fleshed persimmons)


Hi Marvin.
That is my unanswered question. It would be nice if no seed. I don’t know yet.
Some of persimmons doesn’t have male flower. Will 3 of my persimmons be seeded all ? What to do to avoid that happen. Thank you Marvin.


Hi Marvin.
The only dark fleshed one creates seeded?


If you dont want seed you should only have PCNA or PCA … not PVNA or PVA types!

Make sure that there is no Persimmon tree with male blossoms nearby.


Izu and Saijo in the group PCNA and PCA, I am ok with these. No more Coffee Cake persimmon.


Thank you so much. This answer I am waiting for a long time. Marvin.


Well you can have none pollinated PVNA, they’ll just be astringeant


But wouldnt non pollinated PVNA have an inferior taste?


No idea about that !


Just got my Hardy Kiwis delivered!


Cherrybomb (f.)
Bingo (f.)
Blütenwolke (m.)

(left Bingo, middle Blütenwolke, right Cherrybomb)

They will have to stay inside their pots until the next weekend.

After planting i will cut them back and select 1 or 2 main stems and train them like a grapevine.


Good choice, the two females are on my to-buy list too


I really would like to have some homegrown argutas in a few years ( i guess it takes 3-4 years until they fruit)

The ones from the supermarket are already tasty … fully ripened ones from the own garden should be even better :grinning:


Just be mindful when they hang too long they have so much vitamin C that they tend not to rot right away, they ferment first.

They are still good, just probably not for consumption by little ones…

The squirrels, however, are hysterical…



Planted all the Hardy Kiwis today.

I still need 2 metal stakes + 4 metal wires to support them.


All my PawPaws have got some flower buds for the first time. :grinning:

Prima 1216 has the most, around 20 flower buds. (Shenandoah ~15 ,Susquehanna ~6 ,Overleese ~2)

I dont expect any fruit for this tree size, but its nice to see that they have flower buds for the first time.


Marvin, do you have any info on the male Blütenwolke? It seems like it’s of German/Austrian origin so you might know more than me. I also got a variety “Honig” but cannot find any information at all. Thanks



I read that “Blütenwolke” is a male hybird that is not as vigorous as the other male varieties. (Though “Romeo” is the least vigorous of all)

It was recommended because it blooms in time when “Bingo” and “Cherrybomb” are also blooming.

I know “Honig 2” … thats the variety “Fresh Jumbo”

Dont know anything about the “Honig” one.


Thanks for the info. I also have small Cherry Bomb so they will work together. Honig might be Honig 2, not sure. Do you have a link? I was told it’s supposed to be a Swiss variety but that’s all I know.


I got the info from here:


I just bought the Asian Persimmon “Early Fuyu” from Lubera.

I think thats the same one as “Matsumoto Wase Fuyu” right?

Actually i wanted some PVNA Persimmons with black flesh but i couldnt resist.

I want to try one of the Asians on our property and see how they handle our climate.

With a price of 60€ Its quite expensive. (2-3 year old)

I also bought an American Persimmon for my grandmother.

Its the notorious variety “Meader”.

Price is also 60€ for a 2 year old tree.

I really hope that they will grow or this will be a huge money sink!