Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


Oh yeah, Lubera is not known for cheapness :slight_smile:

There are some asian persimmon known to be hardy to zone 6, like Saijo or Tam kam that i planted this fall


Planted the Meader american persimmon two days ago and my H118 and H120 yesterday.

I hope that all 3 of them will grow well so that i can taste the first american persimmon in a few years :slight_smile:

In 2 weeks ill plant the two Che trees and one week after that the two Mulberry trees.


Ah i’ve forgot what were the two mulberry varieties


Morus alba “Lavendel” (Sweet Lavender) and Morus hybrid “Illinois Everbearing”


Great cultivars

BTW my pakistan is starting to bud out, not a single damage from the -13°C it took when fully dormant this winter


Cant wait to finally get some Mulberries.

But i guess that will take 1 or 2 years before the first crop appears.

My “Hardy” Pakistan Mulberry is also budding out … its still inside the pot.

It will be the last one that ill plant. (beginning of May)


Iam glad that the winter is over, i hate it.
Everything is so beautiful during the spring.
Last week was really warm … we enjoyed that!


Planted the 2 Che Trees today.

Next week ill plant the Mulberry trees.

I also found a property to buy which is only 200m away from us.

It has around 1225m² of space but only has half a day of sun.

The trees to the left belong to the local authority. (It will be hard to ask them if we even could remove a few trees)

Here is a picture from the place.

Maybe this is the one.

A place for those ~50 trees that i would like to have. :smile:


200 miles that’s’ great. My property is 250 miles away. Are the Che’s in the picture? the two I bought still look like sticks.


No No 200 meters :wink:

It would be ideal cause i wouldnt have to buy additional equipment (Tools, Mower, Water Supply etc…)

The 2 Che’s are in the front in those tree shelter tubes.

They are also sticks but they have already budded out.

The other trees in the tubes behind are the American Persimmons.

I hope that all trees will grow well!


Too bad there is so much shade. Maybe you could ask at the municipal office about your/their possibilities


Yeah :confused:

If i could remove some of the trees then the property would have full sun.

For now it would only have sun from ~11:00am to ~06:30pm (trees to the left are on the east side)


probably ample exposure for pawpaws, but may not be enough for jujus and mulbs


Very nice looking piece of land.


Not necessarily. My So is on the west side of my house and only gets sun from about 1pm to sundown each day in the summer. It fruited very well last summer for me,

It does seem to have some dieback of last year’s growth and given our very mild winter it’s probably related to late dormancy. (At least that’s my best guess for now)



truly worthy of consideration, especially by those with short growing seasons or growing theirs in cramped spaces/surrounded by tall trees or structures. Contorted’s are some of the earliest to ripen, so always a good choice


One thing i have to consider besides the shade of the trees are deer.

We have many of them.

Making a fence is sadly not allowed at this area.


that’s a bit strange, and really curious for what reason?

would a wire “mini-fence” around each tree be permitted?

forgot to add, some asian persimmons seem to do ok with less sunlight, found out for myself as had to move our potted one to the north side of our house(where it received nothing more than indirect light) as our vegas summer sun/direct heat would have baked all the leaves. And it still managed to bear some fruits, even with half-toasted foliage.


Well, an Electric Fence (Wooden Stakes) might be possible but normal ones that are higher and block the view are certainly not allowed.

The local authority says it has to fit into the landscape.

There are many other “rules” which dont exist outside of this wine growing region. (Look of the house, size, nothing modern looking etc…)

A mini fence around the trees as you said is possible and they shouldnt say a thing about that.

Before i buy the property i will ask if i could remove some of the trees.


that’s a bit subjective…hopefully they’d be more lenient and flexible.
anyway, keep us posted on your possible orchard extension