Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


Yeah i know :confused:

I will know more this or the next weekend.


And here is the Pakistan Mulberry!

Lets see how it handles our climate.

Maybe i can taste some fruit this year?



If your tree is anything like mine,it may take a few years before the fruit stay on the tree to maturity.They are fast growers though. Brady


looking good! I second @Bradybb 's comment about a prolonged gestation period(despite the inflorescence) , but that plump and long berry i see near the top(of the second pic) seems like it is going to make it! :slight_smile:

my only other worry is that thick mound of snow that you have, which could pose a serious threat. Paks seems to be sensitive to late frosts


I thought so, but iam not disappointed.

Here is also a comparison to the other mulberries.

Illinois Everbearing:

Lavendel - Sweet Lavender:

The fruitlets on the Pakistan are 3-4 times as large as the other two (Lavendel and Illinois Everbearing)

Really unique.

Atleast i can hope that the Lavendel and IE Mulberry will do way better than the Pakistan Mulberry!

It is a really weird and unusual month.

The snow you see is where i live, Lower Austria (There wasnt much in Südburgenland but temperatures there dropped below -3.5C during nighttime :worried:)

So yes, late frosts are and will always be a problem … they are so unpredictable.

From 2000 to 2015 we never had problems with our grape vines until 2016 and now 2017.

We can just hope that not much damage occurs.


And the upper hill part is done.

Now they all need to grow well!

We have got some frost damage on a few plants, but its not as bad as last year.


It handles it, Like a Boss I would say


Over a week ago i finally planted the Pakistan Mulberry and the Matsumoto Wase Fuyu Persimmon.

I hope that they will survive!

My PawPaws are also looking great!


I have some wild mulberry trees too. mine are about 40 to 50’ tall. The one that fruits broke in that wind storm in the middle and the top is hanging down. The squirrels and birds eat them all before they get ripe. The others must be male trees. The wood chucks are up in those trees too.


So the results of Pakistan mulberry in zone six. We had some wild temperatures through the winter and early spring this year. The pakastan seemed to take it all in stride with only the smallest branches showing cold damages . As spring arrived the damage extended down into the larger branches while the main trunk of the graft still had live green bark. As other mulberrys started to leaf out the pakastan finally died clear back to the graft union. I did save a some scion from early in the winter that I have grafted onto stock small enough that I may be able to protect or possibly pot and bring in if the grafts take. Thanks for the wood that made the experiment possible, by the way I got to taste a very nice morus alba off of last years graft


sad to hear about the experiment Jason. Did you have late frosts? Still, your update is valuable information for anyone trying it in your zone or similar zones. Hoping the potted ones do better for you.


Yes, I will not be trying it, Last year a few people gave me wood to various mulberries, and I tried to root the scion. Of course only the cultivars rated to zone 7 or higher took! All the zone 5 mulberries didn’t root! I will protect them in containers for now. It was extra stuff people included. Glad they did else I would not have any to play with!


We did have some late frost but imo the damage was done in mid winter and just very slowly worked from the tips to the graft union


thanks for your first-hand accounts and feedback!



Got a first sample from my Pakistan Mulberry :smiley:

I Found it on the ground and the ants where all over it ^^

Its really good … i would say it has a rasberry&blackberry flavor.

Sweet and a little bit tart.

I also had the chance to taste some Illinois Everbearing Mulberries.

They had a blackberry flavor and where more sweet than the Pakistan Mulberry.

As good as the Pakistan Mulberry imo :wink:

My Lavender Mulberry lost all of its fruits so maybe i can try them next year.

Here are some updated pictures of the fruit trees:

H118 American Persimmon

H120 American Persimmon

Seedless Che

Male Che

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

(Sweet) Lavender Mulberry


Got some new plants from Bambusarium this year :smiley:

PawPaws: Halvin, Summer Delight, Kentucky Champion, VE-21
Hybrid Persimmon: Superosiyanka
Jujube: Sugarcane

All of them are really small but iam happy that i got them.

In July i will buy 2 more Hybrid Persimmons and 2 Jujubes from Subtropy :slight_smile:


Nice. Did you drive up there?


Yeah, iam glad that my sister lives near the border of Austria.

So i only had to drive 50 minutes.

I will visit Pavel again next year. :slight_smile:


I think mine is semi - protected where i planted it.

Maybe ill use a mesh thats filled with leaves for the first winter. (November - March)

Iam more than happy that i had the chance to taste the mulberries … it would be really awesome if it survives.

Our fig tree has not received any frost damage and imo its loaded with fruits for its size. :slight_smile:


Report on my pakistan mulberry : it took -13°C this winter without damage, and recovering fine from a late spring frost that “burnt” all leaves of my mulberries, figs, kaki …