Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


I hope that the Pakistan survives because the fruit is really good and large :slight_smile:

Iam glad that i could taste “almost” all of my mulberries the first year! (Looking at you Lavender!)

Here is a pic of the last IE mulberry that i got.

So good!


I grow both Fuyu and Izu persimmons, and i find they do really well in greenhouse or when grown with some extra heat and light in the spring to get a jump start after a cold long winter. My Fuyu in ground and 2 Izu in 35g pots in my main greenhouse are at least 4-6 weeks ahead of my outdoors trees in fruit size and productivity.



New growth of my Pakistan Mulberry with huge leaves :slight_smile:


Pakistan Mulberry can’t handle the cold in my Zone 5 so my 3 bark grafts with Raf scions are potted. Hopefully, they will produce good mulberry fruits next year.



I will also try to grow Saharanpur (M.Macroura) and Aalst (M.Nigra) in Pots.

Going to order them this year.


looking good @Austro_PawPaw, and hope you won’t get tired posting pics and updates ! Really nice seeing trans-atlantic updates. Also hoping to see stuff from the southern hemisphere-- just to whet my fruit-growing cravings during winter…

don’t even remember giving you pak budwood @tonyOmahaz5 , so quite happy to see it has survived the past two, or is it three(?) years.


Oh thats interesting!

Dithmar ( sells some new Hybrid Pakistan Mulberry trees this year.

Its a Macroura x Alba Hybrid which is much hardier than the Pakistan and has a similar fruit quality.

Nice! :grin:

I preorded immediately.

2x Hybrid Pakistan
1x Morus Alba “Tehama”
1x Morus Macroura “Saharanpur”
1x Morus Nigra “Aalst”


I hope that you get a fruit set next year!


Oh i wont :slight_smile:

When i get my property (Soon™) videos will follow.


You’re on fire @Austro_PawPaw :slight_smile:
Cant see the hybrid pakistan on his site

Ordered from him, but i’ve lost saharanpur and geraldi, and aalst is in poor shape


Hehe :grinning:

It isnt on his site.
Here is his reply:

Glad to hear your plants are doing fine…

Below is a list of kaki and asimina that was propagated this season.
The mulnerries that are available are: Pakistan, Rupp’s roumanian",
Saharanpur, Lavendel, Illinois everbearing, " Sugar cube" and Morus
nigra “Aalst”. There are also a very limited number of a hybrid
(Morus macroura) x Morus alba which has almost the same fruiting
as “Pakistan” but which is much hardier.


Mercatelli, Nishijo, Bruniquel, Hyakami gosho, Mikatani gosho,
Steiermark, Weinstrasse, Tamopan, Sharon, Zirochka, Dieulefit, Sheng,
O’Gosho, Hiratanenashi, Hiratanekaki, Kaukaz,
Jiro 24276, Pendula, Mushiroda Gosho, Huk Kam, Shin-na-da, Meçta,
Chinebully, Castellani (= Amankaki), Sagi-oshi-si, Muscat,
DGDK1, Tam kam, Cibaca, UK1, Rojo Brillante, Kuro gaki, Saijo, Izu,
Matsumoto wase fuyu.

John Rick, A118 Elmo, Geneva red, Selection 2, Meader, Prok, Szukiss,
Lena, NC21 Supersweet, Yates, Morris Burton, Pieper, Geneva long,

Hybriden kaki x virginiana:
Rosseyanka, Rosseyanka F1, Gora Goverla, Pamjat Pasenkova, Gora
Gora Roman Kosh, Nikitskaya bordovaya

Asimina triloba:
IXL, Sarah, Overleese, Golden sweet, Prima 1216, Gent2, Gent1,
Tollgate, Davis, Well’s delight, Rana, Mitchell, NC1, Ford Amend,
Sunflower, Golden 4.

Sorry, I overlooked that one, tehama is indeed also available…
The Pakistan you bought last year is not the hybrid, it is a hardier bud
mutation of the true Pakistan which I discovered after a severe spring
frost a few years ago.

Too bad that your trees died :cry:

What was the cause?


Dont know why they died, my pakistan is not far from their location and is thriving …

Hardier pakistan is a very good find, congrats. Damn is catalog is so tempting i wish i had some money in my pockets :slight_smile:


Damn, my IE mulberry stem (bottom) snapped during strong winds yesterday :angry:

Got to replace that one, my familiy and i really liked it. :pensive: (Going for a larger one to compensate the loss)

All other trees look ok.


You could take cuttings and try to root em.


My Junami apple tree broke yesterday night during the storm. I got a small IE tree so if you want I can graft it for you in the spring (unfortunately have no rootstocks atm to t-bud it)


Maybe emergency grafting could save it ?


Those damn storms are really annoying even if they are not so common.



Thats bad, i heard from my father that our neighbours property is a wasteland now (almost all the old and diseased trees are broken)

Sadly i am not there this week, my father tried to put the broken stem back in the soil but i dont believe that it will root/regrow…

Iam going to buy a replacement IE mulberry from ZL this fall so that i can atleast have a decent sized tree. (compared to most other nurseries)


sad to hear about the storms, hope your remaining trees bounce back. That must have been a really bad storm, considering that mulb stems are somewhat rubbery, somewhat resistant to bending, shearing, twisting, etc.


Yeah, it was really strong.

IE is dead.

All other trees are fine.

Especially the Pakistan Mulberry … this one is growing like crazy.


Its a very nice looking plant with those huge leafes.


Today i visited Austropalm and bought 3kg of PawPaws!

Omg, they are so expensive (60€) but for me it is worth it.

This is also a proof that they will indeed ripen here in Austria.

Some of them have a label others dont.

Varieties: Overlease, Sunflower, Mango, Davis, PA Golden

The largest are Sunflower and Davis … and the smallest Mango (strange :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

The one in my hand is a Davis PawPaw … 12cm long, 6.5cm wide and 350g heavy :smiley:

The favourite varieties from the owners of Austropalm are Davis and Mango.

For now i have tasted PA Golden and Sunflower.


PA Golden: Stronger flavor and sweeter - Flesh not as smooth as Sunflower and the fruit size is smaller - Seeds are more noticeable

Sunflower: Mild flavor and mellow flesh - Bigger fruit size - Seeds are not annoying

I will taste Overlease, Davis and Mango the next few days.


60E that’s robbery! Just hang on, good friend from my city is planting about 150 seedlings next spring so in couple of years I will supply you with them for free :slight_smile:
The Saharanpur mulberry looks great and I am actually starting to think it can just about make it in your zone.
If the neighbors huge fig can survive winters and springs, Saharanpur might as well.
By the way I was recently in the Graz area (going all the way to St. Gotthard in Hungary) and both me and my wife were amazed how beautiful the villages with all the flowers are. Specatcular, never seen anything like that and I have traveled a lot.