Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


Yeah, i never paid so much for a fruit ^^

Wow 150 seedlings … thats awesome!

(We almost got our property … we just have to talk about the necessary stuff then we can buy it. :smiley: )

Iam going to plant most of the grafted PawPaw varieties that i want next year. (Up to 24)

Hmm, maybe the Saharanpur mulberry tree could survive outside if it has a thick stem.

Ill have to see first how my Pakistan mulberry handles the winter and the spring.

Nice, you may where very close to “our” place around Güssing.


My first PawPaw from the Prima 1216 variety has ripened and tastes great.

Cant wait for more :slight_smile:

I also planted an additional Che, a Geraldi Dwarf mulberry and a replacement IE mulberry


I couldnt resist. :smiley:

“Prok” would replace “Yates”


it so looks delish!
my fruit-lust is suddenly peaking anew–considering that should have a prolonged refractory period after just gobbling gluttonous amounts of rambutan, jujus, and mangos.

probably should join a fruit-addiction therapy group to temper my promiscuous/libidinous inclinations… :grin:


And the adventure continues!

I hope that i receive good scions and i hope that i can graft most of them with success. (Mango x Wabash, Tropical Treat and 1x Mammoth x Summer Delight belongs to someone else)

If it works then i might order again!


OMG ! You very commited to this :slight_smile:

I hope to make an order of scion from him one day, but this phyto cert is so expensive !


I just want to get varieties that are hardly available here.

Its a bit expensive but if works its worth it imo.

If you want we can order together next year.



Smart thinking. Split the orders with another person and save some fees.



Yeah, i will do that the next time with atleast 2 to 4 people to split the cost of shipment and the certificate.


Would be great, dont know if i’ll be ready next year though


Just write me a PM when you want :slight_smile:

First ill have to see if the scions survive the long shipment and our weird customs.


I hope you are good at pawpaw grafting :slight_smile:


I will use a grafting tool to make the cuts. (Iam a bit clumsy with knives)

Ordered this one for V grafts.

And this one which has an Omega and a Chip grafting Blade.

About storing the scions …

Is this method good or not?


I had a similar one long time ago but don’t use it anymore. Just make sure the knives are sharpened cause they come quite blunt from the manufacturer and it can greatly decrease your takes. Also these tools are not good for thinner scionwood. If I was you I would just buy cheap carpet knife, find the closest willow tree and start “training” simple splice graft (you can do wonders with that one as well). Once you get it in your hand it’s quite easy.


So you are new to grafting ?

I’ve ordered the same tool as your first one, should received it soon. Dont hesitate to post any question on this board about the grafting process, there are knowledgeable people about grafting and pawpaw grafting specifically.

The storing method seems good, i use zip lock bags for freezing instead of plastic sheet. You should consider drying the scion a little and disinfect them after their long travel, but you should ask a second opinion as i dont know much about pawpaw.

The grafting method may depend on the scion vs rootstock thickness


Wanted to add, you can still have good success with this tool. Just check “2017 Grafting Thread” comment # 18. Sweetdill had great success rate with it. But he said he sharpened the knives which is essential


Yes Iam new to grafting.

The reason why i want those tools is because Iam bit handicapped with my left hand.

I will try to practice the normal grafting but only with proper gloves.


good luck on the transatlantic shipment! Makes it even more challenging and precious doesn’t it?


Yeah :slight_smile:

I also received the orange grafting tool today.

Tried it immediately on an apple tree and its not bad.

I might need to sharpen it a bit so it has a cleaner cut.

Like Paul said its not that good for small diameter scions.

If the scion is between 6mm to 1cm its doing well.

Didnt try the Omega or Chip Budding blade yet. (Tried the rounded “V” Blade)


Also received my Prok Persimmon tree yesterday.

Its almost as big as my Japanese Persimmon “Mercatelli”


Order confirmed by Dithmar Guillaume:

1x Morus Alba Tehama
1x Morus Alba Rupps Romanian
1x Morus Nigra Aalst (for Pot)
1x Morus Macroura Saharanpur (for Pot)
1x Morus Hybrid “Hybrid Pakistan” (Hardier than his bud mutation of the Pakistan)

Should get them in 4 weeks :smiley: