Pakistan Mulberry in Zone 7 possible? (+ trying & growing PawPaws, Persimmons etc.)


Congrats !

My aalst struggled these past few years, a lot of diebacks, it may be 40cm hight right now. My Saharanpur died, so my Geraldi dwarf. I’ve had bad luck with my order from him :frowning:
Received my grafting tools, the first you pictured. It seems good stuff!


Argh, thoses losses are annoying :tired_face:

2 plants died this year on my property (Actinida Kiwi “Issai” transplant shock and IE mulberry storm snapped)

Also received a dried PawPaw (KSU Atwood) from Lubera that was really expensive.

That was the most disappointing shipment i ever got. (Expensive and dead)

I personally would like to see the plants before i buy them.

But thats usually not possible with the varieties that i want.

Cool that you got the grafting tool!

Mine should be here in 2-3 weeks.


No refund from Lubera ? There seems usually serious. They have so good stuff, but soo expensive, i dont think i’ll order from them one day -_-

Now i remember i was disappointed by the look of the grafts from my geraldi and saha. Hope your ones will be fine. I defenitely going to try to graft the saha, i so much want to taste the melon-flavor of the fruits !


It was too late for me to receive a refund.

At first it looked okay but that was only the outside.

Then all died back, 2 weeks later “rootsuckers” emerged.

So i basically have a seedling now.

Getting a refund from them is a pain.

Also ordered the Matsumoto Wase Fuyu Persimmon from them.

It had some kind of worm inside the base of the trunk.

I wanted to send it back and get a new one … they refused.

Instead they offered me a refund if i can prove that it has that kind of damage.

Made some photos and after a few discussions i received my money and still have the plant.

It seems that they dont check the plant if its healthy before they send it.

I would not purchase 1 year old plants from them.

Its better to wait until they have older plant material.


Lets see how the mulberries are this year.

I also would like to taste the White Saharanpur.

Would put it in a pot until it reaches ~180cm.

Iam also curious about the Hybrid Pakistan. (Alba x Macroura)

Its much hardier than his bud mutation.


Ho i missed the hybrid, so basically it is the pakistan pollinated by a macroura (such a pain to attribute a species to a cultivar in the mulberry world) ?

Is there a report of fruit size/quality ? Breeding mulberry is hard because one has no clue of fruit potential of male pollinators (except of one selects for this for generations, i guess)



Its a Macroura x Alba cross … i think it needs a new name lol.

(Morus macroura) x Morus alba which has almost the same fruiting
as “Pakistan” but which is much hardier.

The parent of the hybrid mulberry is Morus alba. It was raised from open
pollinated seed


ait, i’m confused. If i’ve get things right, it is from a seed of Pakistan, and if pakistan is the mother, and is alba, it is thus M. alba x M. macroura.


speaking of old world fruits, have been munching on these. All of which are from Turkey.

pretty good stuff! especially the white mulberries-- which had no idea taste so much better dried than fresh.


More mulberry trees on the way!

Iam really curious about the “Clone 10” variety (Hybrid Pakistan)


If you plant a male with the seedless che it will not be seedless. Mine fruits heavily all by it’s lonesome.


Yeah, i just want to test it with a male.

Maybe it will prevent the fruit drop the first years?

I also planted an additional Che Seedless 90m away on a slope.

This one has no male nearby.


Received my mulberry trees on friday :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope that most of them will survive!


Hi Janne,

I somehow missed your first post. Did you find some more information about that mulberry? I am thinking about buying one. It’s a selection of morus acidosa found in sweden. It is said to be extremely frost hardy for a mulberry. But I found one source saying it is flowering in march. Now that would mean it could never fruit outside in my climate cause the last frosts here I expect in April/May.

Update: Ok, I did it again :roll_eyes:. I found Mulle on amazon for 10 bucks incl. shipping and it is on its way to me… I hope it is the real deal however. It was sold much cheaper than any other offers. Such a thing always makes me sceptical.


Interesting stuff from Haeberli (on right)

Capture du 2017-12-18 09-00-32


I can accept the -10 C (14 F) for a mature Pakistan (perhaps 3 year old)…-15 C (5 F) sounds like a stretch…but through breeding I suppose it is quite possible. Can you obtain this plant? Maybe you will someday send some scions to your friends here in America.


Nut sore they bred that. Maybe they selected it for hardiness among different germplasm ? Hardiness of Pakistan/macroura is always a mystery, so maybe it is just some marketing playing with hardiness under special circumstances ? But i think Haeberli is a serious nursery.

No way to buy it from France now, maybe in a few years, but prices can be high for this kind of marketed fruits. Maybe @Austro_PawPaw can have more chance from Austria :slight_smile:

Image from website, sounds very promising :slight_smile:


I will try to obtain this plant and the japanese raisin tree.

I know 3 nurseries which have Häberli plants in Austria. (Starkl, Loidl and Jeitler)

Funny that the Pakistan mulberry will be available almost everywhere now. :grin:

I can try to send some scionwood in the next few years to the US.

Thanks for the link.

Awesome that they have the Pakistan mulberry now!

I think the price will be like the others … 25€

There are some nurseries here where i could buy this variety … not even far away :slight_smile:

I almost forgot about Häberli … its good to check what new plants the nurseries have.

Ill have to keep an eye on Lubera, Deaflora, Zahradnictvo and Manfredhans.

They have some rare and unusual plants and get new ones every year.


That is great that you’ll buy it :slight_smile: I could use some scions in the future too, hehe


Many people in the US would love to find a ‘Pakistan’ mulberry that could survive -15 C (5 F) and, hopefully, without major stem dieback…so please keep us updated!


Ill try to find one that is hardier!

Clone 10 from Dithmar may be the answer.