Pakistan Mulberry Source?

I’m trying to find an online source for a bush form of the Pakistan Mulberry (the one LE Cooke sells). It looks like Bay Laurel and Grow Organic both had it, but both are out for the season. Anyone got any leads? Thanks!

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Be careful with the term “Pakistan Mulberry”. You are looking for a “self-fertile cultivar of Morus nigra”.

I have this cultivar grown by Dave Wilson Nursery.


I thought the Cooke variety was a bush form Morus alba?

The DWN is tree form though, right? Can it be headed back and kept small?

I purchased a tree type Pakistan from Burnt Ridge Nursery about three years ago and am pruning to keep under eight feet.
Here is a video about Mulberry pruning in general. Brady

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Check Raintree Nursery.

Sure, just head it back in winter. I have seen bush form DWN trees sold in local nurseries here in San Jose.

But I’m not sure if you can keep it small eventually. The tree is supposed to get to 30+ feet tall!

That is not Morus nigra.

Not this one:
Black Beauty

DWN sells both Morus alba and Morus nigra cultivars. The latter is genetically a bush.

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I’m not looking for Black Beauty though, I’m looking for their Pakistan Mulberry (alba) that they grow in bush form (listed on their website).

“Pakistan” is a cultivar of a the Chinese species Morus alba. Don’t delude yourself into thinking it will stay small. In my experience making nursery house calls, the bush “branches” become 5" or so diameter in 10-12 years and the root system becomes very invasive.

I will top work some of the wild mulberries into Pakistani mulberries. I am not sure if they can handle -15F once every 3-4 yrs?


I have some pakastan scion that I am going to graft onto wild mulberry this spring.


I hope it takes for you. I am not sure how good it tastes but the long fruits look good.


Yes they do, I am a little concerned about if it will be hardy enough, it seems like there are conflicting information on what zone it can withstand.

DWN does not recommend its Morus alba “Pakistan” for zone 6.

I read this thread title as “Pakistani mulberry sauce.” It sounded good and I was hoping for a recipe…


haven’t tried it yet, but grafting to a morus nigra(or onto gerardi if with frigid winters) could perhaps dwarf it.

pakistani’s are the most cold-sensitive of all alba’s, but strangely, it seems to hang on to its leaves the longest in late fall or winter, until it gets really cold, and even more weird, is that it leafs out quite early, and the fruits, even though the largest, are often the earliest to mature among mulbs. It is the fool among mulberries—when it comes to late frosts.

pakistani’s will thrive/be fruitful for many years in 15 gallon plastic pots, and they will grow to 8 feet tall in three years. Because it fruits mainly on horizontal growth(just like jujubes), you could simply get rid of apical dominance and keep it as stubby or bushy as much as possible.
thus said, you could shelter it in your garage/greenhouse if your winters are too cold.

once it starts to decline due to root-binding, one could just obtain some budwood, then ‘set it free’ by planting directly on the ground next spring to release some ‘root-pressure’. If the mother plant dies after being left outdoors during winter cold, then so be it-- you could start anew with a fresh 15 gallon pot and young rootstock and scions from the mother plant.