Pakistan Mulberry


I bark grafted 3 scions from Raf on 3 large wild mulberry under stocks and potted them 2 years ago. I brought them into my unheat tornado shelter in early November.



Mine are just beginning to ripen in Miami, FL.


How do you like the taste compare to Oscar, Giradi dwaft, IE, or Kokusho.



Pak is very sweet, almost too sweet. Florida Giant tastes delicious, with a good balance of sweet and some tartness. Dwarf everbearing is good if eaten by the handful to make up for small fruit size. Still reigning supreme is Morus nigra, a project still in progress for me in Miami. I have not tried the other ones. Warning! All mulberries are addictive, as far as I’m concerned…


I’ve got a growing Pak graft that Raf sent me scion this year. I’m guessing I should keep it potted so I can protect it in winter here.

I ate my first IE of the year yesterday. My tree bore first time last year and I thought the fruit was okay. It is much better this year. I’m going to enjoy it.



Last year I dug out a weed mulberry tree. I planted it in a pot and grew it our for the year. Last night I grafted Pakistan Mulberry onto it. Hope it works.