Pakistan Mulberry

Not sure about Zone 7 but lots of people are growing it here in Zone 8B.

I appreciate the feedback, I think I am going to keep it in a self watering container like my figs

Yeah that should work.
I really like the looks of Shangri La that I’m also growing in a container. The heart shaped leaves are huge! Much bigger than any other I have and it’s on a little whip, what’s a mature tree look like? Beautiful plant.

Prior to moving to my current house with a backyard, I kept a mulberry tree in a pot at my apartment. It fruited well. It should work out if you have a big enough pot. I would put it in a prime location until it finished fruiting, then tuck it away wherever.


My 5yo Paksitan took a -13°C in the winter, and then has been defoliated by a late frost in the following spring, and recovered fine (but did not fruit)

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Wow great looking growth! Looks very fig-like

There are a lot of figs in the picture. The mulberry is on the left behind a fig. Its very healthy looking.

@carot has it right. Lots of things in that picture. 13 figs, 2 mulberries( 1 everbearing, 1 unknown), a large Yerba Mate plant hiding in the back right corner, Bay laurel back there somewhere, and a few other things. The plants and myself are happy to have a backyard now lol


Ha! My figs love mushroom compost do you have any container soil recommendations for mulberries?

That is excellent!..A well documented ‘Pakistan’ temperature hardiness just north of my location had a three year old ‘Pakistan’ having some branch dieback from a 9 degree C (16 F) winter night. Either your ‘Pakistan’ is tougher or the two extra years of age is critical.

How big was the pot? I’m thinking of doing the same if these cuttings I recently potted take. That pomegranate looks nice too; I also potted some pomegranate cuttings. :wink:

They aren’t cold hardy in northern China at all, I guess they struggle in zones roughly translate to usda Zone 7 or 8.

Can Pakistan mulberry be propagated by cuttings? I picked up some scionwood from the CRFG scion exchange.

I haven’t try to root them yet but Drew had some success with mulbberry rootings. It is very easy to graft PM onto wild mulberry root stocks.


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Yes. I’ve had about 33% success with 3 cuttings…

It seems the more tropical mulberries, the ones that like zone 7 and up root easier than the cold hardy types. I’m going to buy some rootstock for them this spring and try next year grafting those types. Although not impossible to root. I traded for a rooted Silk Hope cutting, and the plant was big, and well rooted.

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I hope so, as I recently posted in another thread about trying my hand at some cuttings from a mulberry shrub I found growing on my island. Will update if the cuttings root.

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I know this is a old thread but I am wondering if anyone growing these have had seedlings popup . They would most likely be pollinated by alba or rubra mixes . Might make interesting hybrids that are hardier .

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Pakistan mulberry fruits are sizing up. Hopefully the birds will save me some to try.



So do you have yours in a pot?