Pawpaw trees in Seattle

so far i have many flowers on my sunflower but only one that fits the male stage. i was hoping to wait a little more so more male flower will be open so pollen can be collected. how long is the window from the male stage drop you mention and too late to take pollen please let me know.

Sorry I’m not too sure. Atleast a few days.
On many flowers the petals fell and there was still pollen.

Hi Brady! Do you still have pollen? The flowers on my tree will probably be ready in a week or two :slight_smile:

Yes,I’ve been collecting pollen from my Overleese tree.

Awesome! I’d love to come pick some up - none of my flowers are in the male stage yet so unfortunately I don’t have any, but I’m sure i will soon!

PM me with your address and I’ll send some.

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Shenandoah and Danae’s creekside flowering for the first time.


Necroposting on this old thread after it was ‘liked’

My pawpaws had zero fruit last year but this year it appears to have many dozens of fruit( may be even over a hundred total). No doubt most are not going to make it but I am encouraged by the productivity.

got a couple of bare root trees (Susquehanna and Overleese) from @Richard and they are absolutely loaded with fruit too.

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Glad this post is recently updated. I have four varieties that are young in pots (KSU Chappell, Shenandoah, Mango and a seedling). I know that full sun planting is best but I have an area that is almost full shade. If planted there, is there any chance of fruiting? I do not need prolifically fruiting trees but some fruit would be a blessing.

It this just hopium or a decent possibility?

A few fruits (total) would be a possibility.

Even in the wild you’ll see fully shaded trees holding a couple fruits each.

In your climate you may struggle with degree days which may be compounded by full shade if you will.

2 cents.

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There is a near zero chance of getting ripe fruit in the PNW (outside of the Willamette valley) if planted in a low sun location.
Few folks outside the PNW area realize how little heat this area gets.


So your saying there is a chance? LOL. That is what I thought would be the answer. I have another area that gets full sun that I can look at if want to. Just wanted to see if it might work.

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One option, though, is to plant it in a location that gets full shade when small but will grow into the sun eventually. At least, that’s my hope for my trees, which are in deep shade of a wooden fence that’s also in the shade of my neighbor’s house in winter, but once they get about 7 feet tall, they will be in full sun all day long almost all year, and by around 10 ft they’ll be in full sun even on the winter solstice. But I’ve had winter dieback this year and I’m wondering if the cold roots are at play, so maybe my plan will fail.

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I think that is a good idea. My pawpaw trees are now around 10 feet tall! This was unimaginable just a couple of years ago. I think they grew about a foot this year already.

But in our area, deep shade forever is death.