Pawpaw Varieties


A quick note: Celsius GDD are different than Fahrenheit GDD, and sometimes people just say the numbers without the F or C . I found a calculator :

I hope this helps others also in the Celsius-range :slight_smile:


KSU has done a lot of research and sometimes pawpaws develop a pinkish discoloration of the flesh and they are not sure if it is bacterial or what, but they say don’t eat it. Often when the fruits fall or get handled roughly they get subtle bruises which end up discoloring the flesh inside. Possibly what happened here, although i see you handled it nicely. Weirdness happens. Not a big deal, but shouldn’t eat the discolored portions.


Who’s Brady and what varieties of seeds does he supply?


My sunflower pawpaw tree open the first flowers today! :blush:


I have three seedling pawpaws blooming this year. One of them appears to be a genetic dwarf. It’s less than 2 and a half feet tall but has full size blooms. It could be because of the growing conditions that it hasn’t gotten very large, but all of my other trees planted at the same time are between four and eight feet tall. The two tallest are blooming, and then this little one.


Interesting, I’ve noticed they usually begin blooming at something over 5 feet tall.


There is a Wabash pawpaw at an Arboretum near my house that has been in the ground 8+ years and its only about 4ft tall but was loaded with flower buds last yr.
Next to it is two big healthy Atwood pawpaw trees.
I wondered if the rootstock was some sort of dwarf or if maybe the roots have circled and girdled themselves
and caused it to stay so short.


I hadn’t thought about the circling roots possibility. Could be, the soil is hard clay, which certainly isn’t ideal.