Peach Orchard Pics

These are from yesterday…one of the few recent bright & sunny days we’ve had. It was a great day for walking the property.

Here are some pics of our Contender & Red Haven trees…with a few close-ups of fruit buds. The fruit budding was very vigorous this summer/fall…we’ll see what the next 3-4 months bring us.




That looks great! How many trees do you have?

We have 280 trees.


Wow! That is a lot of trees! Hope they continue to do well :+1:

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Looks nice. And so cold. Do you have the trunks protected from rodents? I haven’t covered any of my fruit tree trunks yet, but we don’t have snow on the ground either.

I was looking at my peach trees recently and noticed a bunch of buds, but can’t tell which are fruit or leaf buds.


I usually protect the smaller trees with those white plastic wraps. Funny thing is…you just reminded me that I didn’t do that! :thinking: Whoops. We have a warm rainstorm coming up on Christmas Day that will probably knock most of the snow out…I wll go out the day after and wrap the smaller ones.


Aren’t most of your trees Contenders? Did you get much of a crop this year? Our 4 trees were blasted by a late freeze, so no fruit at all.

I need to cover up my tree trunks, too. I had two apples badly damaged around the rootstocks a couple years ago by some varmit, prob a rabbit. Fortunately it looks like they recovered. But, one of those trees was damaged a buck rub this fall, hope it wasn’t too bad. Apparently the critters hate Macoun trees!

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We have about 15% Reliance, 35% Red Haven & 50% Contender. All Reliance that die off are being replaced with Red Haven. Personally I love a fresh Reliance peach…they just do not keep that well once they are picked and can be a bit smallish…and we sell them so those 2 characteristics are a negative for us. Backyard peach growers should not shy away from Reliance though as they are very dependable producers…all 3 varieties produced very well last season…and actually Contender were probably the best of the 3.


We have a Contender, Redhaven, Coralstar, and Blushingstar. They all bloomed heavily in late March, but we had one night in April of 26, then a 21 degree night a few nights later. So disappointing, also lost all of the pear blooms and 95% of the apples. It was bad for all the local orchards this year. But, like they say, there’s always next year. My trees look like they’re loaded with buds, so we might get lucky.

Glad to hear you did well, tho. Reliance sounds like a good old reliable variety.

Speaking of snow, we might actually get some Christmas Eve, so that would be a nice surprise. I can’t remember ever having a white Christmas, but I lived in Texas for 30 years, too.


Great looking peach orchard.

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