Peach scab?

I’ve been gone a lot and haven’t been in my orchard as much as I need to be. I see several peach trees that look like they have peach scab on the peaches. .

Is there any benefit to spraying a fungicide now or is it too late for this crop?

Yes it is.

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I think peach scab can infect branches too. Maybe spray after you pick the fruit. I sprayed once with Immunox at the beginning of June here and it seems to have stopped the disease this year. My peach were affected last year with me just using sulfur sprays.

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Thanks so much. I did some reading from several university sources so I should know what to do next year. This is the first year I have seen scab on my peaches.

@PharmerDrewee. I had read sulfur is an option. Thanks for relating your experience. It’s good to know you had more success with Immunox this year.

If I were you, I would try to avoid using chlorothalonil (Daconil) due to its limited use. It can’t be use after fruit are formed.

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Thank you, mamuang. I’ll keep that in mind.

I have liked Daconil’s effectiveness on cherry leaf spot. It’s use is more limited, if I am remembering correctly, but it did a better job of knocking our leaf spot on my cherries than Immunox/Captan did for me.

I have to be more proactive next year, now that I know peach scab is here. I also have some brown rot for the first time. It was a very wet, raining spring and early summer, which no doubt contributed to these fungal diseases.

Brown rot, if you don’t have Indar, you can use Bonide Infuse, propiconazole.

For cherry leaf spot, it is fortunately that Immunox is sufficient for me.

As we have more years into growing fruit, diseases seem to increase and pests seem to find us.

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