Peach tree spray schedule - colorado

I have previously grown with no spray. Last year we had peach borers and a very little bit of other unknown pest damage. I am trying to figure out my minimum spray needs (i have 3 peach trees). We dont have some of the problems and therefore heavy spray needs of east coast peaches.
My thoughts: im going to spray dormant oil pretty much now. Cover the trees. I will paint trunks with neem in april. When and at what interval should i spray something like pyrethrin? Other things to spray? We have never had worms in the peaches but our apples certainly do. Not sure if i should try a preventative for the peaches?

You might want to check out the recommendations of your closest state university. They even have a number you can call for specific questions.

Utah here, which should be similar to Colorado. There are two types of borers:

  1. Greater - gummy mass at the base of the tree just below the soil line. I just mix up permethrin in a watering can and drench the lower trunk and soil once a month starting in July. Greater Peachtree Borer | USU.

  2. Twig Borer - gummy bore holes in the branches and later worms in the fruit. I spray spinosad every 10 days when my Utah extension office tells me to on their app, which is based on degree days and monitoring by location.
    Peach Twig Borer | USU
    Utah TRAPs - Utah Climate Center

  3. Earwigs - A side benefit of the twig borer treatment is that I’ve noticed it really keeps the earwigs down too once the fruit starts to ripen…

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I live in Colorado. I pretty much just spray dormant oil and copper on them. It is early here for spraying though. We don’t truly heat up until May. You from out of state?