Peach white skin

Do you know varieties of white-skinned peach?
like ice peach

I had white oeach while I was in Europe, a market in Rome. I recall nothing was particular attractive, taste or flavor or texture except its usually white skin


then there’s ice peach and shimizu hakuto.
thank you

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White Beauty,
Okayama Hakuho

are they white too?

A small, regional nursery sells a few uncommon white and green varieties. Unfortunately they don’t provide many details on their site. In the past I emailed them about some rare pawpaw cultivars, and they added product descriptions in response.

Galaxia Paraguaya

Unfortunately, I do not have experience with any of these varieties, but I hope it’s helpful.


thanks I look at it

I just came upon an ancient white nectarine from another favorite unusual plant nursery.

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Japanese white peach varieties (Images of Raul)

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Thank you very much Raul! This pics are great! I didn’t know there are so much white peach varieties from Japan… :grin:

White Heath is an heirloom that is just about pure white and one of the last to ripen in NYS. High brix, and low acid for an old fashioned peach. Not a winner to my taste, like Indian Free but for those that adore a lack of acid it’s pretty good and great to have a white peach in Oct that keeps in the fridge for at least one more month. It is not a OFM magnet like Indian Free.


@Jose-Albacete Reviewed a gorgeous Ice Peach here, which I thought you might be interested in reading about:


I saw it, I also have an ice peach and I like it a lot.

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Ice peach