Ice Peach, variety premium in white skinned peaches

Hi guys.
As you know I have had a spring frost that has left me without harvest, for this reason I can only show some variety that has been saved from the frost.
The other day in another post, you could see the Jalon yellow skin peach variety.
Today I am going to show you a variety of peach with white skin (albino), and premium quality.

As you know, the white skin peach varieties come from Asian countries, and the best ones are found in Korea and Japan (especially in Japan, in Okayama prefecture).

Here you can see some of them, of which I have in my orhard the Shimizu and Akurei varieties, but both are of later maturity than the variety that we are going to treat.

The variety that we will see today is marketed under the name “Ice Peach”.
It is a obtention from the Spanish company and breeder Plantinova , that has obtained the Ice Peach variety through hybridizations of the Korean white skin peach variety Yume Yong, in order to obtain “premium” quality varieties of peaches .

From this collection of varieties, I have in my orchard the clones:

  • Gelo-2
  • Gelo-3

That differ in the ripening dates ( they are practically identical)

What they have eliminated from the primeval variety is the pink color of the skin, and the pink color of the flesh .
They have improved the texture, and it is a type of subacid peach, very aromatic, and with very high brix levels.
Obviously its strong point is its beauty both external and internal , it is a work of art , looking for the ivory color, both outside and inside.

Before showing photographs, I will tell you it’s harvested at least 5-7 days before its optimum point, but my daughter wanted to take her boyfriend’s family who lives in another autonomous community a box of peaches, and we have harvested them few days before of the optimal point of maturation (I say this because in those days their brix values ​​would increase)

So let’s check it out.

Ice Peach by Plantinova

And now the photos of the peaches of this variety from my orchard .

Ice Peach on a tree

Ice Peach in hand

Ice Peach weight

Ice Peach date harvest

Ice Peach open

Starting to zero of the refractometer

Squeezing the juice

Doing measurement

Ice Peach first measurement

Ice Peach second measurement

Due to medical leave for two of my employees due to bone fractures whit the ice of the storm Filomena , this is my only free afternoon a week and I have spent two hours preparing this short report of this peach for all of you.
So I hope everyone enjoys it.



Oh my… you will kill me… :star_struck:

Hi Luis.
Hahahahahahaha, it’s a real peach beauty.
Be careful, Plantinova breeders are not stupid and they have worried about the slightest detail.
Neither little size nor much size “the right size”, a variety that despite the fruit load maintains the fruit size, minimal thinning work (or none if the rootstock is very vigorous).
The peach aromas have been preserved, but with a hint of jasmine smell in the fruits (it is different from the smell of classic peaches).
An impressive flavor, and the typical ultra-firm texture of Asian peaches (Japanese and Korean varieties).

In white-skinned peaches, there is no such rival thing to this wonder.
And I speak with all due respect to the traditional Japanese white-skinned varieties, among which Shimizu is the best.
But I have Shimizu in my orchard, and Ice Peach is much better.
That is why I speak with knowledge of the matter.


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It’s very beautifull, a great size and sweetness! Yummy! :yum:

Luis, very important to you.
You are more Portuguese than the “bacalhau à Brás” hahahahahaha, but surely you don’t know this.

You have to buy in this nursery, the following variety

  • Nurseries of Castromil

  • Catalogue

Interesting variety:

  • Nectarine Nectawhite

It is a nectarine (it is not a peach, it is a nectarine) with albino skin, totally white skin and flesh , which is called “Nectawhite”.
I absolutely do not know its breeder and its origin, but what I can tell you is that it is a true wonder of nectarine (all the requirements of a good subacid extra-sweet nectarine and good caliber ), and with the added bonus of being albino (skin and White flesh ) .

For about 7 euros you will have a marvel in your orchard.



Yes i know this nursery. Thank you very much Jose! :+1:

Nice report Jose. I wish I could try such a fine sweet peach. But it is illegal for me to import stone fruit wood from Europe :frowning_face: I do appreciate the report though. Keep them coming!


Hi, all -
Per Andy Mariani, Plantinova has pulled the patent on this variety and it is no longer available.

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