Peach x Cherry Interspecific hybrid: is it possible?


It can’t hurt to try. It would be like getting a master’s degree.
Once there awhile you could maybe make it to doing and caring for the crosses with acres and acres of land to grow them out, boy that would be a tough job :sunglasses:


Here are my two cherries, Stella and Bing. They are in front of my yard. Both of them are less than four feet tall; and they only produced a

couple of flowers, so the odds of been the pollinators for the Rainier Cherry are very slim.


And the multi-graft cherry. Only the Black Tartarian cherry bloomed this year. This was the only cherry that was next to Rainier.




i don’t know you much, but can safely say i know enough about you to conclude that zaiger folks will hire you on-the-spot, maybe even request for you to work full-time :thumbsup:


If my peach x cherry hybrids do conceive, I will ask them this Summer If I could do my internship next year.


Well compatibility as I am sure you know is most important I think that like has already been mentioned, it would be very complicated to achieve, if I were to try this I would try grafting every variety of sweet cherry I could get with every variety of peach I could get as a compatibility test. I would then start hybridizing the most compatible sweet cherries together, and the most compatible peaches together, and then hybridize the peach with cherry pollen and vice versa.


I wonder if the Zaigers already have a pure peach x cherry hybrid?


they probably have one already, or maybe more. Taste/flavor and some degree of hardiness determine desirability, which statistics sadly seem to work against…


Yay Ulises! You can do it!!!


Most of the fruit was aborted and only a few were fertilized.


These are the Indian Free Peach flowers that I hand-pollinated with Rainier Cherry pollen.



Wow! If the pits grow fruit are you going to call them a chereach or peacherry?


Probably something fancy, but for now: peacherry.


It would be very interesting to further hybridize existing cherry plum hybrids including Nadia to see what is possible.For example, grow an experimental fruit tree containing many grafted scions grown from hybridized seeds. Do this every year grafting more and more scions to the tree. Who knows what some of the resulting fruit would look or taste like. All we care about as home gardeners is taste. Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms does this with tomatoes. I have visited his operation near Napa CA for the last couple of years. He says that more varieties of tomatoes have been created in the last ten years than in its previous history. Here is a link to his FB page:



Could this be the making of a new Cherry x Pulot hybrid. Maybe only time will tell.

My Order from Raintree this year included a multi Graph Cherry and Multi graph Pulot. Dispute being just four scaffold branches the pulot managed for flower and set 2 flavor grenade and 3 Geo pride. The two pulots flowered sequentially but the entire bloom time was overlapped by the Lapin Cherry inches away.


Rainier Cherries are almost ready.


My White Gold set well this year. i expect over 100 cherries.
Carmine Jewel set well too with hundreds of cherries.
I didn’t really do any crosses this year. Too much work this spring to try.
Nadia looks to have set very well too, it didn’t have a ton of flowers, but should set 30-40 fruit. I did use various pollen and I’m going to grow out some of these for sure.