Peach x Cherry Interspecific hybrid: is it possible?


Post pictures of your White Gold cherries when they are ripe.


OK, will do, if I get any? I will, I’ll protect the tree. I also have Glacier sweet cherries ripening at my cottage. I need to net that too.


I will, too, plant Nadia’s seeds. Most likely, they are going to be Candy Heart Pluerry x Nadia.


That’s cool, mine will most likely be Satsuma, although I used Flavor King on a few flowers, and marked them, so I may grow those out. I didn’t protect the flowers, as first I needed to know if anything would work. It doesn’t look like pollination is going to be a problem with this cultivar. A very good thing. Satsuma is loaded too. Any cross should be decent. I added three cultivars to my tree, they all took. So Lavina, Loroda, and Spring Satin are grafted unto Nadia. On Satsuma, is Toka, the bubblegum plum, Superior which has American plum in it. May be interesting to add the hardiness, a yellow flesh, a very good large plum. Another yellow is the Vermont plum. Not well known, all reports I have seen say it’s excellent.A mango flavor, and a very attractive fruit too, the color is outstanding. Possible crosses may be interesting.
I could lose some of the grafts as they are young, knocked off, broken etc. But I know how to get good takes, so I’ll just do it again.


The birds ate the cherry from the second picture, luckily, they left the seed intact on the stem. So today, I cracked the seed and I put it into col

d stratification.


How long do you keep the seed cold? Does it start growing during the stratification period in cold storage? I think I am doing something wrong. After drying several plum seed last year I planted my seed in an outdoor pot for the winter. I did not crack the hull and none have started growing.


I keep it in the fridge until the kernel starts germinating.




You have to crack the hull, then soak the kernels for 30 minutes; then in a sandwich bag add potting soil and water, and finally add the kernels.


I picked the last two remaining cherries today; and the kernels are now under cold stratification.


The seeds will probably germinate around early-August. If the pollination was a success, I wonder what would the seedlings look like?


The seeds are still under cold stratification; They are starting to open, but they haven’t developed a tap root yet. So my question is, should I plant them now or wait three more weeks?

Also, has anyone had any success growing cherry trees from seeds?


Alcedo did in Europe.


Now it’s time to plant the seeds: is this the beggining of peach x cherry hybrids?


The seeds didn’t make it. They rotted. Nevertheless, I still have a second chance. I pollinated Indian Free peach flowers with Rainier cherry pollen. Now I have to wait until fruit ripens, collect and plant the seeds. And hopefully they have viable kernels inside the pits, and most important, peach x cherry hybrid embryos.


thanks for the update hopefully the indian free will make it, can’t wait to see what happens.


Very few things are completely ‘impossible’. It will take a lot of patience and time.