Pear leaf darkening - anyone recognize what's going on?

I tried the insect and disease thread first.

Ignoring the leaf eating, anyone recognize the issue I’m having with my pear? Darker underside of leaves in some peripheral spots, and some leader discoloration.

It doesn’t appear to be the standard fireblight we get here, though I could be wrong. I have it at some level on Harrow Sweet and Bartlett. Pics from both trees (white spots are surround overspray).

TBH, I probably have not given them enough water this year, and don’t know if it’s possible it is dehydration + sunscald.


I’ve never grown a pear tree, but that looks exactly like what I’m seeing in some of my container-grown plants in the hot texas heat

My gut instinct is exactly what you said, under-watering plus a little sunburn

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I talked with my horticulturist friend, who also has an orchard. He’s pretty confident the overly dry conditions are what lead to this.

Looks a bit like powdery mildew on that 2nd photo, though it could also be over/under watering as well.

That white is just surround overspray… no PM present

I see some dark on the stem, it could in theory be a touch of fireblight… it is a disease that shows itself in a great many forms.


Thanks. Yeah, the stem ‘staining’ or ‘streaking’, as I’d call it was the bigger concern for me and had me squinting to see it as fireblight. I’m at least 7 days out from having seen the initial issue, and there really hasn’t been much change. I’m accustomed to fireblight eventually killing clusters of leaves, but to-date, they are still green on-top. Earlier I lobbed off 1/3 of a main scaffold, thinking it was fireblight. I’m going to hold tight for a bit and see what happens to the leader.

I have had blight that looked close to that. It is a very unusual disease, it moves imperceptibly slowly most of the time and then boom it moves like lightning. It might have been shut down by a change in weather just as it was taking hold. Or who knows what.

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Our FB pressure is so high here… I feel like it’s always moving the speed of light here, but that may be a regional thing.

On your comment about different forms, I think FB is a kind of similar to poison ivy in that way. That said, here, I have not see it not cause total death of the leaves, but am watching like a hawk. I hate to trim out the leader on speculation, when I am pretty confident I under watered. That might turn out to be a mistake!

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