Pear tree disease question

It happened last year on my new and only pear tree and I don’t have any pics, but I was hoping to prevent it this year by spraying.

I googled pear leaf spot and to me it looked like fabraea leaf spot but no fruit dropped or were affected in any way by whatever disease it was. The only symptom was the leaves 50% covered in spots.

Any ideas what it was? I have copper, sulfur, polyram and ziram available to use.


Was it pear rust? Pear Rust or something different Pear leaf spot (or scab), nectarine leaf issues, and a few other fruit tree questions

I don’t remember it looking like that; I remember round spots. None of the leaves fell off until the tree went dormant. Maybe I’ll just spray and hope

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Sounds like something like immunox or captan will clear it up. I’m only guessing without being able to see the damage.

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If it is pear rust, which is quite likely if it is a European pear, it probably is due to the presence of nearby juniper trees/bushes. Pear rust spots start out with a redish/orange color but eventually turn dark. I had a D’anjou Pear that was fine until a neighbor planted juniper shrubs about 75 feet away. It soon was infected so badly that I had to remove it, since there is no spray for control. Asian pears, at least the two varieties that I have, seem to be mostly immune to it.


There are several forms of rust. The ones we have here impact both european and asian pears but do not kill the trees. The rust here impacts foliage only. It is likely the type you saw was trellis rust since it was so bad. Some types of rust attack the fruit.