Pears Extraordinaire

I find myself thinking of how many people have eaten the small yellow pear I grow and I must believe truly they are thought of as pear extraordinaire by all who tried them! Why is the name of these small little yellow pears so obscure?


I think you just named it!


Well, as of Feb 13, 2017, a new variety has been created!

It shall be named Clark’s Pear Extraordinare®. Quick, apply for a plant patent! You’ll be rolling in the dough in no time!


that’s the kind of pear that needs preserved for future generations. I bet they are delicious.


You should name it. I wonder how much chill it needs. God bless.


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It’s possible that it could be part of a Canadian pear breeding program. You can read more about that in this post Help me find a pear I'd like to grow. I requested wood from enie, moe, miney pears from the USDA and plan to do testing with those pears to determine if they are siblings to my pear. The U.S. And Canada exchanged many varieties through the years.

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