I purchased 100 pounds of very good quality Schley pecans yesterday and brought them home from Montgomery. While I was that far south, I drove on down to Castleberry to see the hican tree that Mike Cartwright sent me nuts from last year. I was not convinced until today that it is a hican. The leaves from the tree and the nuts it produced are very convincing. Here is a Lat/Lon link that will position you on google maps. Use street view and turn to face due south to see the tree. 31°17’51.8"N 87°01’51.1"W


I found a primo one on EBay last year for a very reasonable price.

I appreciate all of the characteristics he looks at. It would be nice if someone took on writing an updated look at the pecan culture.


I saw a copy that sold in October last year for $35. Was that you?

I got my copy for $35 from Wes Rice.


Yes, they usually go for much more.


It may be worth the trip for me to gather scionwood in a couple of months.


Are you looking to get scionwood from Auburn? If so, I can put you in touch with Jason Burkett to arrange a visit.


I will certainly be in need of scionwood for the spring 2020 grafting season. My rootstock are limited in number this year so I cannot justify taking up Jason’s time this coming season. I definitely appreciate the offer. If I do go, I will be happy to collect scionwood for anyone willing to pay shipping.

Auburn is less than 2 hours from me so it isn’t a far trip.


The kids and I planted somewhere around 400-500 2-yr old open-pollenated pecan seedlings grown from nuts collected out of a grove of grafted northern pecans - mostly Major, GreenRiver & Posey seednuts(Peruque and 2-3 other grafted varieties I’ve not been able to identify are in the mix as potential pollen parents) - in a 100-ft-wide CRP riparian bufferstrip planting here on the farm in 2000, encompassing about 7 acres total… 2 rows, 30 ft apart (or 3 rows, where there was enough space, considering how much native creekbank vegetation/trees there wase) with trees at 20 ft spacings.
I’d intended to graft every other tree, removing the ones in between when canopies touched. Didn’t get more than a handful grafted… life just got in the way.
Some of these seedlings are just beginning to bear nuts, at ~17-20 years out… they’ve had no care or fertilization other than once or twice a year mowing.
So far, only one of those ungrafted seedlings looks to be worth propagating… appears to be a PoseyXMajor - good size, appears to have good scab resistance; husk morphology similar to Posey, and kernels look like they’re gonna darken quickly, like Posey - but good flavor.


On Monday I’m headed to Ellis Bros Pecan to pick up 25 pounds of Elliot. While there I want to pick up some larger varieties in shell. They have:

I’m leaning towards the Schley/Sumner mix. What do you all think I should get?


Presuming you want to eat them, Schley/Sumner hands down.


Hello to everyone. I apologize for my bad english. I am 40 years old. I have a field and I want to train Pecan. But I’m very confused. I searched the internet a lot and found the most useful information here. There are many varieties of Pecan Nut. Which pecan can be cultivated according to climatic conditions and soil types. I would be glad if you help.
The area is slightly inclined and close to the seashore. Soil, sandy and loamy. Good drainage. 500 meters above sea level. CDD (Cooling degree days) 700-800 … Chilling 1000 … Hardiness Zone (8b). Thank you so much.


Growing pecan requires a lot of heat. Often areas near the ocean lack heat. Can you tell us how warm it is in summer? You will need high temperatures of 30C in summer. 20C highs won’t be adequate for pecan.

Are there pecans in that area that are productive?


Thanks for reply. Yes There is. I am from Turkey.
Average highest air temperatures:
january 9.7
February 10.5
March 12.5
April: 17 c
may 22.5
june 28
july 30.9
august 31
september 26.5
October 21
November 15,5
range 11.4


There is some research from Turkey regarding growing pecans. I found one document which is linked higher up in this thread.


Where in Turkey is your place. Cultivar selection is primary to success in areas that have marginal heat.


That’s marginal heat for pecans. You’ve got plenty of chilling. Pecans don’t need much chilling.

I’d think the early maturing cultivars mentioned in this thread would be in order. That would be things like Pawnee, Kanza, and earlier.


Location Çanakkale, Ayvacik.


Cooling degree days) 700-800. Is it enough for pecans


Pecan trees need a frost free growing season of 180 days or more. Çanakkale, Ayvacık: 190+ days.


To understand that number one needs to know the base temperature and whether it’s in F or C.

I’m in a somewhat marginal pecan area in that I can’t grow all varieties and we do get freeze damage some yrs in spring and fall. My high temperatures are warmer than yours. You are more like Illinois or Kansas where only the short season pecans are feasible.