Persimmon Fall Color


Some pictures from today. There are some beautiful photos above I hadn’t seen. This looks like a great place to post my photos and to add yours!


‘100-42’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon

‘100-46’ / ‘Lehman’s Delight’ Diospyros virginiana

‘Chuchupaka’ hybrid persimmon

A potted ‘Chuchupaka’ hybrid persimmon showing some Fall color:

‘Deer Magnet’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon no color on this one yet.

‘Gora Goverla’ hybrid persimmon

‘Gora Roman Kosh’ hybrid persimmon

‘H63A’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon

‘H-118’ / ‘Early Jewel’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon


Seedlings from Jerry Lehman’s Orchard:

‘JT-02’ / Mikkusu hybrid persimmon

‘Kasandra’ hybrid persimmon

‘Pamjat Pasenkova’ hybrid persimmon

‘Valeene Beauty’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon

‘Valeene Beauty’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon


Nice photos!
We have almost exactly the same approach to caging for our favorite ruminants. It works :slight_smile:


Better than anything IMO.

I just continue to build upward on them with more 4’ stakes if for example I currently have 1000 of them. Gorilla Tape for the stakes and nothin for the fence.

Thanks! It’s great walking around, right now.



These are my last of the day:

‘Morris Burton’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon

‘I-115’ Diospyros virginiana / American persimmon

‘Super Rosseyanka’ hybrid persimmon

‘Sestrjonka’ hybrid persimmon



Nice orange on that last one!


I come to find out that the first photo of at least 50 was clear. I didn’t realize that!


I have Wabash, which is reputed to have good red/purple fall color, but here, leaves are so tattered and black-spotted by that time of year, that it’s hardly notable.
I found one on a roadside in Elmore Co., AL, some years back that had terrific RED fall leaf color, but both grafts I made of it have died out. Not sure the ortet is still there.


Looking great Dax, you have quite a collection now. Can’t wait to hear taste reports few years from now :slight_smile:
I am keeping only 3 persimmons, ran out of space. This is my Gora Goverla last November


Hi Paul,

I was told Gora Goverla is the best of the Gora’s. That, GG also would be in the top 5 I think the guy said to own.

Thanks for your photo.



Yes, it should be the best fo Goras, Kosh has kind of smaller fruits and I haven’t eaten Rogers yet.
That being said, I also heard there are more strains of Goverla, so who knows :slight_smile:


Somebody does lol. That was good stuff though, Paul, thanks! ha-ha



@paul @barkslip Where did you get Gora Goverla? I haven’t been able to turn up any sources yet. I’m beginning to learn you have to find some of these things via emails and phone calls rather than Google searches…


Plantsmen and Plantswomen. It’s that simple.



@jcguarneri I am over in Europe and it’s not such a rarity here but you can find Goras among hobbyists in US as well, Dax is a clear example (and judging by the number of trees on his pictures he might have some extras haha). From nurserymen Cliff England might carry that variety as well.


Fair enough. I’ll have to add that to my trade wish list. I do like to support nurseries that sell scion of rare varieties, but some things you can’t buy!


I get two distinct fall colors from American persimmon. Either green or crispy (from frost) :slight_smile: WS8-10


Couple year old american persimmon seedling.


One of my JT-02 grafts is turning a nice yellowish orange (looks more orange in person). Just started in the last couple days.


Ruby persimmon. Maybe partly soil influenced.


Thanks for that, John. I’d like to see photos of the fruit, sometime.