Persimmon protection, Saijo persimmon hardiness, and deer


That I wonderful Vincent. Good for you. None of my persimmons grafts took in our cool spring. Think I’ll have to buy a tree or two instead.


Vincent, that looks beautiful. It appears to have recovered well and made up for lost time!


Yes . I am happy with it. Hopefully will has some fruits next year Ram


Yes. Buy it will save some of your time Quill .


It’s took long time for my Saijo and Izu persimmon to leaf out after Winter. Look like no flowers buds for this year yet. Any of your persimmons have flowers buds by now ?


Nikita’s gift has had flower buds for a couple of weeks now. Saijo has grown maybe a foot already in height (and much larger all around) but no flowers.


Thank you Ram . How is your Jiro persimmon? My Giombo looks good , leaf out very early and my Sheng persimmon die again even after replacement. It’s cost a lot for shipping twice for both of them. Their picture below.


Both Nikita’s Gift and Saijo woke up in early March when we had the warm weather. Rojo Brillante also woke up then.
Jiro has been very slow waking up compared to those. My one American: H118 was also slow but it is growing fast now.

Some branches of Jiro are just now waking up. It gets full day sun but still slow going.

This year I grafted nearly 12 new varieties on DV seedlings. Nearly all have taken!
They will take many years to grow up but it’s fun to watch that.

I hope Giombo does well on our area. It is supposed to outstanding.


Interesting to look through this subject about persimmons and see similarities to my one venture into growing Fuyu. This fruit seems to do many things different from other fruits like apples and plums. My Fuyu is going into its third season now but it has had a difficult start. I only wanted one persimmon tree so I paid extra for a larger one. The first season it looked typical in that it survived with a little new growth. The second year nothing leafed out and I thought the whole tree had died but I waited. During the summer I noticed a small limb growing a little above the graft. The I started cutting off small sections until I hit live wood (about 16" above the graft. In a few more weeks a small bud popped out near my top cut which grew out about 14" that season. All this time I was thinking that I could have paid less for a similar size tree. This year it leafed out and looks fairly healthy. After seeing others post I guess I should feel good that it is still alive and appears to be slowly recovering.


I tend to do back up grafts of all my new varieties. there was three small wild persimmons growing at the back side of my orchard so all three got cleft grafted scions before bud break. After waiting well after the growing season started the grafts looked dead. A few weeks later one started growing and it still looks healthy. It actually looks better than the one planted. The other two didn’t survive but all I wanted was one backup so all is good.


Would be interesting to know what was the rootstock of your original plant. Fuyu and other non astringent japanese persimmons grow weak on lotus. They should do well on virginiana, though. That explains (I think) why your backup plant (grafted on virginiana, I assume) does better.


Some information said Giombo is early season persimmon the others said it’s very late season persimmon. I just know it’s leaf out very early and wait and see will find out. No flowers for this year.


For those of us in the Southeast, Lotus can be a difficult rootstock. It breaks dormancy too soon, which leads to “late” freeze damage. For me, it is very common to have many 80 F plus days in Feb followed by a freeze in late March or early April. I only use Virginiana as rootstock. Also, the drought tolerance and vigor of Virginiana does not leave me wanting for much. Some people do not like the suckering. I find the amount of suckering directly on the trunk to be minimal. The fact that Virginiana sends up suckers 6 to 10+ feet away from the original tree is an added bonus. I’ve been working on creating a persimmon jungle on one of my neighbors properties.


Couldn’t agree more


Was looking at the title of this thread again. Last year was a great saijo year for me in NJ. However, this winter was brutal, with an early cold spell. My saijo took a significant beating, so I can’t recommend it to anyone for zone 6. I’ll now keep it as a potted tree and will bring it into the garage during the winter.


Can you describe " significant beating " more.?
What was your low temps ?
Did it recover?


Basically, the tree died down to its major limbs. It sent up new growth from the older limbs, so I won’t get fruit from it this year. Maybe next year…
I believe the low was 0F and with windchill down to -10. We had a very early cold snap too, and I think the timing of the cold has more of an effect than the actual lows- just my opinion.


One Green World has this

Fuping Jian Shi Asian Persimmon

Fuping Jian Shi Asian Persimmon is an astringent early ripening Persimmon tree perfect for the PNW.


Chocolate Fuyu persimmons
Super delicious from Asian grocery store. You can either eat firm or soft.
Look like Coffee Cake persimmons to me. What varieties of persimmon do you think?


Beautiful. 99 Ranch in the Portland area doesn’t have them :frowning:

I’ve got my brother checking.