Persimmons, 2019


I think I will wrap it this year so it can gain more size. Some local nonastringent trees that are more mature seemed to have survived just fine and fruited well.


Andrew, how does the taste of your Tam Kam compare to Izu.


The difference was more in the texture. Izu was more juicy and tender. Tam Kam is firmer like Jiro with a crunchy, breaking texture like that found in apples. The sweetness was more or less the same. I think I prefer Izu based on texture but it might not be as hardy of a tree in my marginal climate for growing in the ground.


My Tecumseh (D. kaki, astringent) is loaded with fruit this year. I like Giombo better because the fruit is much bigger, but those all ripened over a month ago, so it’s nice to have these ripening soon


Very nice looking tree. I have heard that this is a late ripen astringent variety to extend the season.



I’ve heard very good things about Giombo and I am considering adding a limb or two this coming season. Can someone tell me when it ripens relative to Saijo? i.e. how much later it is.


Question .?
I have a lot of native persimmon .
And have already harvested some , for seed. /for rootstock.
Will it hurt the seed viability , if they freeze on the tree before I collect more for seed.? ? ?
Does anyone here have experience with collecting / germinating seed after a hard freeze ?
Will freezing affect the germination ?


I don’t grow Saijo, but Edible Landscaping in VA has it ripening in November, along with other cultivars that ripen in November for me. EL says Giombo ripens late without specifying a month, but for me in central NC they ripen in Sept/Oct. (this year Giombo was earlier ripening for me than usual)


I had bought some rootstocks for grafting and one had female flowers so I spared it just to see how the fruit turned out. They weren’t very large, but the taste was ok, a mild caramel. Surprisingly, they were all seeded. None of my trees had male flowers as far as I could tell, and there are no wild trees in my neighborhood. Some other folk nearby have Asian persimmons so maybe those were responsible. Either way, it’s nice to have some free seeds to grow future rootstocks.


All my persimmons seem to be ripening a bit earlier this year, but in past years the Tecumseh fruit will hang for weeks after all the leaves have turned red and dropped. A few have already ripened for me this year, so it might not be the same. We had an unusually dry Sept and early Oct, so maybe that has something to do with the earlier ripening.



Looked like you have a circle scar on you little finger. Is that from a burned?



It’s just some water on my finger. I can see what you mean though!

@ncdabbler Looks like Tecumseh will develop some nice colors for you this fall. I see some bright red leaves already. Do any of your other persimmons have nice fall leaves?



Chocolate, Coffecake, and Suruga. The Surugas are not quite ripe yet.


Well, I for one won’t have pretty leaves this year on my Eureka. Last night’s low was 27 on my hill and all the leaves dropped overnight.

But…I found this one…very ripe…and was it GOOD!!!


@pharmerdrewee, Tecumseh usually looks pretty stunning with big red leaves in the fall. Most of the other kakis will do the same unless we get an early hard frost. But Tecumseh is a particularly beautiful tree for fall color.


Oh my that is to kill for, Katy! Wow! That’s what I dream of when I think of hybrids ripening up here in the north.

Thanks for that :yum:



20F recently didn’t freeze/ripen/soften up many of my Eureka persimmons. I’d say it had some effect on some of the fruit but most are still hard.


Yeah. Mine too!! :joy:


Check out this loaded Rossyanka Hybrid persimmon just posted on persimmon world FB.



That is absolutely insane. Any idea on the age?