Persimmons, 2019


It got to be 12 plus years because my 6 years old bark grafted Rossyanka only about 9 feet tall.



In addition, if you are interested in Hybrid persimmon. Here are some nice looking Kasandra Hybrid persimmon fruits with one Fuyu on FB. I can’t wait until my Kasandra produces fruits.



Rossyanka with fuyu on bottom .


This is my first year with a persimmon fruiting. I have two on my Hachiya tree. They look fairly large. Do the normally get this size and any idea when they may be ripe


That mother is huge! Looks like I’m going to have to be pruning my Rossyanka more than I thought. Seeing as mine is only about 8" tall, I think I have a bit of time.


Most of my kaki persimmons don’t have very impressive fall color, but Tecumseh definitely does, and my first year Picudo graft was gorgeous this fall (and I assume it will continue to have excellent fall color.) I’ve heard Great Wall is really nice, too, but I haven’t grown it yet. One of the Wye Experiment Station reports said: “Our notes show the following to be outstanding in fall leaf color: Davie #3, Great Wall, Hagakushi, Inchon, Miss Kim, Niu Nai, Sung-hui, and Tecumseh. Many other cultivars can just turn yellow or brown before abscission.” Of those other varieties, I grafted Inchon last year and Miss Kim this year, and neither had particularly noticeable fall color this year.

Last year I harvested the last of my Tecumsehs in December after that big snow we had.

I would definitely bet on the seeds being totally fine, especially if you’re talking about harvesting seed in the near future before winter gets very extreme. I’ve collected some seed from rotten fruit on the surface that was definitely exposed to freezing temperatures before I collected it, and it germinated fine.


Tipo is another one that has nice colors. The leaves are starting to turn crimson from the bottom up.

Picudo was well colored last year but still very green right now.


As long as the fruit turns dark orange then it can be soft ripen on the counter without any astringency.



What did you do with your hybrid persimmons as far as covering or planting in a microclimate? or are yours just uncovered and out



The two with red leafs are both Great Wall grafts. Very attractive fall colors. Hopefully the variety will survive the winters in my area.

I seen that giant Rosseyanka on facebook too.
The size of that one is really impressive.


JT-02 doesn’t need any protection in my Z5. It handled the -21F for a few nights just fine but my tree is older going into its 5th year.



Impressive. I had a Prarie star that did not overwinter this year but it was planted in a newly tilled area i had removed trees from that spring and early summer planted and even though i winter watered it was very dry, I feel it wanted more. I hear they are drought sensitive but i think that is more for places like in nebraska and kansas with 20"+ rainfall, where would you guys place them in water needs and drought tolerance compared to other trees?


With the change in time, I get home too lTd to take pictures… but wanted to mention that NB-21 Sestronka has great coloring in the fall.


No real fall colors from my Nikita’s gift. It went from green to brown to falling off now. Lower than normal November temps already.


Well this thread somehow convinced me I needed an American persimmon to accompany my Fuyu and Hachiya a few days ago. Prok on the way!


My Nikita’s gift is still green while the other persimmon trees are slowly changing color to a beautiful red.
I have to see if they turn suddenly brown like you describe.


My Nikita turned pretty yellow two weeks ago but I did not think about taking a pic. All NG’s leaves fell off now. We have 34-35 F those two weeks. This morning might be the coldest so far at 24F.

Here’s my naked NG tree against still-green bamboo grove. The pic was taken around noon today.


That’s what happened to my Fuyu. Hachiya still has leaves that are slightly red.


Here’s most my haul for the year. Top left two tubs and red fruit in clear bags are Nikita’s gift. Right-most tub is steiermark. On the left is Korea In the cardboard box. By the way, it is virtually impossible to tell steiermark and Korea apart. Small fruits on the bottom are kasandra. In the yellow bag and large fruit next to yellow bag are fuyu. Half of my fuyu have already been eaten.


Kasandra taste? Did you like them?