Persimmons 2022

I have never heard of this method, but as leafy plants (smartweeds ?)undergo senescence they produce ethylene gas which could influence ripening, like putting a ripe banana or apple in a bag to ripen fruit ?


They certainly look good. I haven’t been overwhelmed by the flavor of dried persimmons either, and I know what you mean about growing on you as you eat them.

I have yet to try hoshigaki, however. I’m looking forward to that.

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Nishimura Wase pollinated and allowed to go soft because I wasn’t sure before I cut it that it was pollinated. It would have been great even if it was much firmer.

24brix. Did not disappoint.


Wow! :yum: :yum: :yum:

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@ramv What a beauty!

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I went to Thailand for 3 weeks and missed all of my kaki and Nikita’s gift fruit this year :frowning: except for 1 Coffeecake that I don’t think is pollenated, I just brought in. The tree was leafless and it fruit was mostly orange. I’ll let it soften on the counter, or maybe vacuum seal it.

I’m consoled by the fact that Opal and Lucy Glo apples are at the grocery store, and at lower than usual prices even. I’ll keep my eyes open for persimmons to buy.


I started making hoshigaki with my pointy astringent persimmons. The last week of winter weather up this way surely has killed off the bugs that would’ve ruined them as they dried.


Massage them well to get the best results :relieved:


I finally had success with my Giombo hoshigaki. Last year the whole thing molded. I think I saw Tony’s post about dipped them in boiling water. Thanks for that. It totally worked for me. I left them hanging directly under a heat vent. They dried in a week. The family loves it. I thought I was good with 5x 5 gal buckets of Giombo and Saijo lol. Now I want to add more. Rojo Brilliante is round and probably easier to peel. I wonder if Rojo Brillante is worth it or if I should just make more Saijo trees. Since my family love Saijo the most.


He didn’t make it over.

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Nikita’s gift. Red like a tomato. Still my favorite. Flavor like an American. Texture quite firm like a well ripened Fuyu.


What a gorgeous looking piece of fruit. I just ordered a 4 foot tree from Just fruits and exotics.


Top looks red, but bottom 2 look orange. Awesome still!

Indoor vs outdoor lighting. Indoor lighting appears to make everything look slightly more orange.

What is the reason for the baking soda? This turned everything basic pH. But then you added lemon juice which was buffered by the baking soda so it didnt have much of an effect. If the baking soda can be kept out and a little more lemon juice you might be able to keep the color of the persimmon pulp better.

@GaryF ----


That was CHE on Osage Orange… not persimmon.

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Same people some time researching kaki cultivars:


could you please tell me more about jin yong. when does it ripen between the other persimmons? how is flavor?

this is a varietal sample from a member. This is my first time eating kaki and I’ve not eaten hybrids yet except for Dr. Kazas. wish I could tell you Kim.

thanks, Dax

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I ate WS8-10 and Ruby persimmon yesterday. WS8-10 had a nice smooth texture. Ruby had more flavor although it had lumpier spots in it. I don’t know if that’s because it’s a longer season persimmon or what (everything was really late this year). Nice taste. Deer Magnet was lumpy… and not as good for eating I think. All young trees so not a great read on them at this point.

Some pics for size comparison.

Below, Ruby to the left and a still green deer magnet. Ruby was a bit smaller than WS8-10.