Persimmons Nikita's Gift vs. Saijo and Yates in Pacific NW


My Nikita’s Gift today.
Jiro/Fuyu has a tough time ripening here in Seattle and getting very sweet. 2018 was a good year. Izu is totally reliable as it is a whole month earlier.
Best to focus on astringent varieties in the Seattle area.


I think Saijo is supposed to be one of the smaller-fruited astringent kakis. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I take it as a good sign that it tastes great because of its popularity despite its diminutive fruit.


I’ve got a couple of comments, that may not have been covered here. I believe H-118 and Prairie Star are the same persimmon. Also, many of the non astringent varieties get called “Fuyu”. Your coworkers tree could be Jiro or something else that ripens earlier.

Also if they live in the city, they get more heat.