Persimmons that will ripen in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle area)


I think Daniel posted that Saijo seeds were large and intrusive compared with other persimmons.
Perhaps the fruits will get larger as the tree matures.


To me, the seeds were not too intrusive. All that matters to me is taste. Besides, I’ll try making persimmon coffee out of the seeds.


Hello Ram
Tomorrow I will buy Nikita Gift and early Fuyu persimmon tree to plant more. I would like to ask how was your early Jiro do last year? Was it enough time for them to ripe and how was its tastes ? Do you recommending to plant Jiro persimmon in Seattle areas? Thank you so much. VINCENT.


Hi Vincent.
Jiro ripened almost a dozen last year. Unfortunately not one of them was sweet enough: they were all too bland in flavor.

One of my friends also grew it and he said that 2015 and 2016 were good years but 2017, it wasnt hot enough to ripen fruit well. So, I don’t think it is a suitable variety for our area.

My neighbor down the street is growing Izu and it ripens well each year. Last year’s fruit was very good. I would recommend that instead.


Thank You so much Ram
All information really helpful for me saving my time, money and rooms for planting. I will get Nikita and Early fuyu only. My Izu last year was not leaf out yet but the tree still green. Hopefully it will leaf out this year. Thank again. Vincent.


Could you let us know full name of where to buy your persimmon trees Ram. Thank you.


My trees are all from One Green World in Portland OR. I got large 10+ gallon trees from them.


I just checked and saw that all my persimmons have started pushing: Nikita’s gift, Saijo, Rojo Brillante are all looking like they will leaf within 2 weeks.


Hi Vincent, how does early fuyu ripen in your area according to what you hear? I have a fuyu (not described as early) in Ireland - a climate that is similar to PNW.


I just bough 2 early fuyu 2 gallon size just about over 2 feet tall and 2 Nikita’s gift 5 gallon over 3 feet tall yesterday. So I did not know how their fruits perform at least a couple more years. Will keep updating here. Conor. I will post pictures tonight .


Where you get Rojo Brillante Ram? Will you get Izu ?


All my new persimmons.


Very nice root system. They will do well for you. Where did you get your trees?

What is that huge tree in the small pot in the back? How is it surviving in that little pot?


I will probably pass on the Izu. In my opinion the non-astringent varieties are inferior in flavor/sweetness so I am only going to add astringent varieties.

I got my RB from Just Fruits in Florida. They had a small number available in October and sold out within a few days.


Thank you for information Ram. Coffee Cake persimmon from Raintree do well here for sure. Without pollenation it’s astringent. Giombo is an early variety as well.


Do you know if Chocolate persimmon will do ok here? A nursery locally is selling large (6+ feet tall) trees for reasonable sum of money. When I tasted it last fall, it was very good!


I could not find out enough information about rippen time of Chocolate persimmon in Pacific Northwest. One thing I know for sure Chocolate persimmon produces a lot of male flowers and cross pollenate will happen and all your persimmon become seeded but better quanlity Ram.


Could you take a look of these below.
Therefore Chocolate persimmon might not rippen in Pacific Northwest areas.
Only the " Early season" can perform OK in PNW.


Thank you Vincent!
You are right that we should only focus on early varieties in PNW. It seems that Nikita’s gift will be another great variety even though the website doesn’t explicitly say early based on Daniel’s experience in Battleground.


Yes. I bought 2 but trees not too good size yet. Long waiting Ram.