Persimmons that will ripen in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle area)


yes, I was also unable to get one of a decent size. My NG didnt grow at all last year: came out of dormancy and put on a few leaves maybe 1-2" growth. It is waking up early this year so I hope it will grow.
Persimmons behave strangely here in PNW.


Last year I saw some NG in Flower World nursery very good size but I called they said don’t have any for this year. That why i bought them in


My Saijo is so beautiful and still waiting to taste it again this year.

I bought 2, $100 each in Sky Nursery last year. Now they have some but $130 before tax.


This year I am attempting to graft Saijo, Coffee Cake and Chocolate. I know Chocolate might not ripen but I want to try it. With climate change occurring I want to extend my zone plantings.


What is your technique for grafting persimmons?

I got 75% failure rate last year. The scionwood wasn’t the best but I think my technique was also to blame.


I wish I could give pearls of wisdom, lol. I haven’t had good success either. Grafting them too early is a problem I know. I will research here and on the Web before I try again. Good luck with yours.


I will probably only T-bud or Veneer graft these in future. This is apparently what the commercial operations do most with Persimmons.


You can try Sheng Persimmon or Miss Kim Persimmon. These are early varieties


Hi Ram .
I bought 4 little one ( 2 Saijo and 2 Izu ) @ Willis Orchard.
2 NG and 2 early sweet Fuyu @
Today I ordered 1 Giombo and 1 Sheng from JF.
The big tree in the pot is no ID Japanese plum. I will move it to my new place next Fall. No time to clean up yet.



You need to read about Willis Orchard scoops on garden watch dog before ordering. They had lots of negative feedbacks.



My cousin said they sent her wrong fruit trees last year.
Last year I ordered 2 big size Persimmon trees from them
Leaf out very nicely. Only Willis Orchard has fruiting size trees.
It save a lot waiting time.
Some others nurseries their fruit tree size are very small Tony.


Hi ramv,
I live in Portland. I used to grow Izu. It fruited every year, but I found the taste to be not so interesting. Saijo also ripens easily here each year. Somewhat more interesting flavor. Jelly like, soft when ripe. I really find the American persimmons to have a more interesting in flavor. Early Golden and Garretson ripen every year for me. Our local extension recommended early Americans in general, but no mid or later, and listed Izu and Saijo for the Asian ones. This was all before we have been getting so many extra heat units the last few years.
John S


Thanks John for your response.
Izu, Jiro are similar to my taste. Pretty boring.

I am growing Saijo and Nikita’s gift which are both supposedly early ripening. I also have Rojo Brillante which is said to ripen in the UK in a warm micro-climate. So it may have a chance here.
I’ve been noticing the heat units in Seattle are steadily climbing up as well. We are now as high as Portland was about 7 years ago.


I grafted mine by whip and tongue. I kept the scions in the refrigerator, in ziplocks, until the trees were out of dormancy, leaves about 1/2 inch in size. I think grafting at that stage is more successful. Mine took.


Many of my persimmons are now putting out flowers!
Jiro fruited last year and has flowers again this year. It was insipid last year. Maybe this year will be better.

Saijo has flowers for the first time. But NG is LOADED with flowers. Hopefully I will taste a fruit or two.

Rojo Brillante has put on a nice amount of growth now that I pruned it to a central leader form and took out lots of branches but unlikely it will flower/fruit this year.


I do not see any flowers on my 2 Saijo.



My trees were planted in full sun next to the road and the radiated heat from last week’s heat wave probably caused a growth spurt.

You should see some flowers soon. NG is a bit sooner than Saijo even though it is a much smaller tree.


Hi Ram.
I have 2 NG. Look good so far.
I ordered Giombo . They sent me very thin one and not leaf out yet. Maybe will die out. My Shen is better.
I have 1 big Izu not leaf out for over 15 month. But tree still green.

This is my Nikitas grift.


I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Your NG looks very nice with good branching. You got it this year right? Will be a beautiful tree.

I noticed my tree woke up quite late last year but this year it woke up very early, as early as the apples.
Perhaps you are seeing the delay like I saw last year.

Are they are still in pots? If so, you can put them in a very sunny spot: next to a road or a wall and heat it up? Or maybe a greenhouse? My trees were in pots until last weekend when I finally planted them.