Perssimon tree: leaves withering

Hello everone,
My perssimon tree (astrigent type) produced three perssimon fruits last year. This year the tree started with lots of flowers.
Recently I have noticed that the leaves on the outside are just hanging there, instead of sticking out. A look inside the canopy shows withering or yellowing leaves.
There has been lots of rain. Rabbit droppings and urine mixed with wood chippings have been used as manure.

What is wrong with tree? Should I do something about it? Would appreciate advice and help.

tree 2

tree 3


Wilting like that is concerning. I wonder if a problem is with the roots.

It was a potted tree when you planted it last year, right? How did the roots look then? Rootbound?

When you said a lot of rain, can you be more specific?. Where It rains once or twice a week, sometimes more. It does not bother my persimmons.

Where are you located??

If you have issues with container trees, you have to pull the out of the container, root rot is always a possibility.

Thanks for the replies.

For clarification, the persimmon was originally in a pot, but I planted it directly in the ground last year. I removed any plastic wrapping around the roots before planting.

The planting hole had a thin layer of gravel for drainage and was filled with special potting mix from a gardening store.

Regarding rainfall, it’s been raining about twice a week, so I don’t think underwatering is the culprit.

It’s truly disappointing to see the persimmon flowers and fruits wilting – I was hoping for a vibrant display of red fruits in the fall.

On a positive note, the leaves seem to be looking a bit better this morning. The tree only gets afternoon sun, so I’m wondering if that might be a factor.
I am located in Switzerland.
Any additional insights on what might be causing the wilting would be greatly appreciated!

Was the picture taken in the afternoon and it was abnormally hot that day (or few days)? I would check this afternoon to see if it does it again (or the next time you have a sunny day). I don’t have any persimmons, but thats how all my trees act; perky in the morning, drupy in the afternoon, perky again in the evening.

When you leave a persimmon tree in a container too long the taproot starts to circle. Transplanting in the ground will not be of benefit in drought condition, there the taproot will be very important. Don’t let the rootball dry out.


That could be a clue.

The persimmon taproot experts will have to weigh in though…

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There is nothing magical about a taproot, on persimmon or any other species.
If I have taproot circling in the bottom of a container, I just lop off the ‘circling’ part, and plant it. The tree will re-initiate root growth from that point, and will be stimulated to develop a more lateralized root system. Yes, they may ‘sulk’ for a year, or two, but it’s not a death knell for the plant.


maybe too much water… i think thats whats going on with mine…

jc went on to say things about gravel… but who knows.

The temperature has been around 23 degrees Celsius maximum during the day.

When I bought the tree one year ago, there were no circulating roots.

The tree looks exactly the same this afternoon as yesterday afternoon.

maybe too much water… i think thats whats going on with mine…

I water it almost every day, that may be a cause .
I will stop doing it and see how things develop. Thanks everyone for help.