Pictures of your orchard today

These are a few photos of one of my pear orchards today taken at sunset. It was 93 degrees today most of the day. A friend and I were working on a few things all day outside and he was telling me about his small peach orchard he just planted. He made peaches really sound good. He spent $50 for a case of peaches from Colorado last year. How is your orchard doing? A mostly mature pear orchard like this is hard to photograph. Usually the spots where I cut something out are open enough where I can take some photographs.


Sorry, haven’t taken any orchard pictures in years.

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Love the vast space you have.

Thank you!


The pics of your orchard are always beautiful esp. in the fall.


My lot is 100 feet by 50 feet and my house garage driveway and sidewalk 2000 square feet

The picture that is listed as Maxine Moonglow. The Moonglow should be over the tree to the right


My 3 peach/next in one hole (pruning was a pain but I love how it looks now)

My main planting


Pic 1… a couple of jujube … with raspberries invading their space.
A short V trellis of red rasp…
A moor park apricot
Another V trellis with black and red rasp.

Pic 2 … apple goumi apple goumi apple.
Gold rush. Sweet scarlet Hudson Golden Gem red gem akane.

Pic 3… CHE and strawberries… Ouachita blackberries… rising star peach… red and gold rasp.

Pic 4… illini blackberries… seedless concord grapes.

Pic 5… early McIntosh apple… Reliance ? peach… early elberta peach… Another V trellis of red and black rasp… and a couple honeyberry.

Pic 6… 2 in one planting of EU plums… my mulberry graft… strawberries and blueberries.

That is most of what I have…

One more … soon to be orchard stuff… currently hanging out on my back porch for some nice morning sun… 4 apple grafts and several figs… 2 nice ones.

Oh well it goes on and on…

My CH Fig and a NovaMac on b9.
I have 3 other beds with loganberry … prime arc freedom blackberries and black rasp.

And then I grow stuff in the woods too…
Think I am addicted :wink:



A few more pics with a closer view. trees are planted in multiculture fashion after the Miracle Farm in Quebec. Most trees have comfrey underneath. Waiting for new mulch. Lots of graft tags :grin: Four rows with three intervals.


Mostly apple trees on Bud 9 rootstock. Will be using a trellis system.


My orchard today… :blush:


This looks like a paradise, Regina.
I want to sit in one of those Adirondacks with an iced tea . . . or a v&t with a big slice of lime . . . and just watch the fruit grow. How lovely!


Is the Comfrey used to attract pollinators or repel some pests?

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Orchard photos 2


The ground looks very dry. Do you need to irrigate your trees?

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Yes it’s dry… it’s normal here. I have to water the new trees at least every week…

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@Bradybb — some info on comfrey below with soil test details.

Here his what he said about soil test results under comfrey plants after 5 years…

I think I’ve made a good case for sheet mulching, but all these figures are blown away by the sample I took this year under the comfrey plants. After 5 years of comfrey, the topsoil in this sample shows a lower pH and higher percent organic matter than any of the previous samples, and the nutrient levels are practically off the charts – a 47 to 232% increase over the previously observed highs. I did not test for calcium or magnesium either before or after, but just on the basis of NPK the comfrey is completely vindicated.

I don’t have any… but want some. Her orchard pic with Comfrey under most fruit trees looks great to me. I would like to have something like at least one Comfrey and perhaps a Rhubarb under each fruit tree, to chop and drop for mulch (feed the soil, help the fruit tree).

Comfrey is a good pollinator attractor, but also good for chop and drop mulch (fertilizer, composting in place). Some call it a Dynamic accumulator… it evidently has a deep tap root and can pull up nutrients from deep… and when chopped and dropped, composting in place, provides good nutrients to your fruit tree.