Pictures of your orchard today

Fingers Crossed . . . My landscape pomegranate trees have so much ‘clean’ fruit this year.
The only thing that I can attribute this to - I sprayed the blossoms fairly often, trying to catch as many as I could. I used 4 different fungicides - and rotated. Copper. Immunox. Infuse. Indar.
I am continuing to spray the fruit after rain - and occasionally (when I can get to it). I concentrate on the calyx areas - and where the stem meets the branch . . . also the foliage surrounding the fruit.
I also should mention that now that there is a good fruit set . . . and they are well on their way to developing . . . I pull all new blossoms. Petri dishes for this fungus!

If the level of fungus growth holds . . . I just may get a decent harvest of Granada and Wonderful fruit. Here is what they looked like this morning . . .

Wonderful ‘babies’



PomGranny, your enthusiasm is contagious. I’ve got some pomagranates arriving tomorrow via airmail. :grin:


@Blueberry . . . What did you order???
I don’t know about enthusiasm . . . more like ‘stubborn to a fault’? :grin:

You made me stop and think . . . (dangerous)!!!

I think it’s easy to be tenacious with growing fruit, because you go go go for a few months . . . and it’s all full of hope and energy. THEN you either get what you wanted - or not. But either way . . . a rest period follows.
It gives us time to regroup . . . count our wins . . . lick our wounds . . . come up with new, sometimes crazy ideas . . . . and then Jump Back In to do it all again!
And it’s much like ‘labor’. You forget about the intensity of the pain - so are willing to try again!


PomGranny, you going to be one healthy Chick! You might have to change your avatar name to something……offhand I don’t know.


Does anyone want to watch me break the limbs off of my peach tree?

Remember to click “twice” to see the big picture! LOL


How about this one?

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I wish I had a pomegranate orchard like yours instead citrus, would have better muscles like yours. It’s one healthy fruit to grow. I didn’t know that, after reading about it. Lucky you!!


Well, Silly . . . . I can only eat but so many, you know! But I do love them . . . and I guess they ARE very healthy for us. Don’t bash citrus, tho! We all need our Vitamin C! I drink a glass of watered down homemade limeade every day. Mostly just cause I get sick of drinking water water water !
And BTW . . . if my arms are strong - it’s from all the work in the garden - and reaching up high into fruit trees! - Not from eating pomegranates!
Just kidding - Pom


Actually orange growers and their marketing campaigns have mis-led us about getting your vitamin C from O.J. every morning.

Blueberries, strawberries, cherries, currants, even some apples, (and probably pomegranates) have more vitamin C
per ounce than oranges. The list could go on.


Can a live camera be on until harvest so we can see it happen?


What’s wrong with citrus trees, I have lots of them. My strong arms are from dumping my compost bins, lol.

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So are chili peppers. Habaneros anyone?

It’s easier and less expensive to get the dose from orange juice, generally, though.

I bet most of us get plenty of vitamin C :slight_smile:

Peppers don’t need to be HOT to have a good helping of vitamin C
…do you have a list of Vit. C amounts per serving of various peppers?

Pommy, you have to built up your energy first to work as hard as you do, than your muscles get bigger.
My muscles are getting bigger but they are growing on the wrong side of my arms.


:grin: :rofl: :crazy_face:

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Dax, I might be able to out run Pommy, not you!! You are just a bad S, am I correct? Judo and more! Not messing with you.


no doubt, Bob, no doubt.


They are a “little” closer to the ground today… I’ll keep you in touch… :slight_smile: