Pink Lady Apple with strange taste


Went to eat a pink lady apple this afternoon and after a bite or two couldn’t eat any more. It had some sort of off putting bitter taste to it, almost like a chemical. That’s the best I can describe it…Sad because this is one of my favorite apples. The apple was well washed and I don’t think it was the skin. I’d noticed recently other pink lady apples I’ve eaten have tasted this way in certain parts of the apple but not throughout like this one. Has anyone else experienced this? If so any idea what it could be? The apple was the perfect texture, but the taste was awful.


Have been experiencing that lately too not just pink lady. My guess is a cold storage chemical taste cause like you it’s crisp and not mealy but a definite taste and yes couldn’t finish the last one.


wasn’t aware that they used a chemical in cold storage. I mentioned it to my wife and she had noticed it as well. when I said it was strange that it was just the pink ladys she said it seems more like the pink ladys because they’re about 75% of the apples we eat.


I know exactly what you are talking about. I have had some really strange tasting Pink Ladies and also Evelinas. You are looking forward to the taste, take bite and it’s something awful!
Must be the cold storage.


quick bit of research shows 1-methylcyclopropene (also known as 1-MCP) is used for cold storage. wonder if that’s the culprit. Also saw that on average an apple bought from a grocery store in the US is 14 months old…all that time in cold storage surrounded by MCP must surely affect the taste…all the more reason to grow your own…


No idea it was 14 months on average. I just figured it was a year as new ones come in there finishing up last years. Thanks for the heads up on that.