Pink spray for apples

I am preparing to do a holistic pink spray with BT on about 100 apple trees and was wondering if anyone knew how safe it was for honeybees? We have about 20 colonies and don’t want to set them back by applying this spray (Neem oil, EM1, fish hydrosylate, seaweed oil extract and BT for leaf rollers). The weather has been terrible here in mid-west NH and we’ve had rain almost nonstop for 2 weeks. Trees are all at pink tip with a handful of them opening blossoms.

Thanks for your input in advance!

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My husband, who keeps bees, says it is fine. In fact, he sprays it on the empty combs to keep down the wax worms. He uses XenTari for the wax worms, and uses Dipel in the garden. All strains are safe for bees.